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Sasha S. from Seattle, WA
My higher power used to be drugs and alcohol, but SouthCoast Recovery taught me that I could have a personal relationship with a higher hower that loved me for who I really am.

Brittney F. from Tuscon, AZ
SouthCoast Recovery is by far the best program that I have ever went through. This is the fourth rehab I have attended and i have learned more about myself and this disease than all three of the previous rehabs put together.

Alexander G. from Anchorage, AK
A new sense of hope and faith was instilled in me by the truly amazing staff of SouthCoast Recovery. They helped strengthen and rebuild my soul. From the very first day I attended the red center and began to meet the staff members, I immediately fell in love with the environment. The energy was positive and the people are genuine. To all of you at SouthCoast, I will be forever grateful for the doors you have opened for me.

Jenna J. from Las Vegas, NV
I find myself grinning from ear to ear thinking about how far i have come in just a month, my life has completely changed. I am discovering what my true values are and learned to align my behaviors with those values. The growth and change i have seen in myself in the past month is a miracle to me and i want to continue growing. It is nice to be surrounded by people with more wisdom and passion than anyone i've encountered before; there is not a single South Coast employee I don't admire I don't think I could be in a better company anywhere else.

Danielle K. from Costa Mesa, CA
I just wanted everyone to know that I celebrated one year of sobriety on 9-17-06. I completed SouthCoast's drug treatment program which gave me my foothold in sobriety. I am grateful for all the tools that SouthCoast gave me!

Mike S. from Whittier, CA
I am ever so grateful to the team at South Coast Recovery for helping me finally achieve lasting sobriety. I had been battling with my drug and alcohol addiction for many years, I had tried countless times to quit on my own. I had tried a few other programs but nothing seemed to ever work. A friend of mine suggested that I give this program called South Coast Recovery a try so I did! I spent a little over seven months in a very warm " One big family" type atmosphere with a lot of support from others that were going thru the same thing I was, it was great to know I wasn't alone. Here I am almost three years later still sober and living a "quality" life. There is not a day that goes by that I dont thank God for leading me to the doors of this wonderful program.

Jerry M. and Marcia H. from Phoenix, AZ
Our daughter, Kate, came to SouthCoast unsure of herself and angry at the world. She left SouthCoast with a newfound sense of calm, and with a firm foundation in recovery. Both Dennis and Kirsten offer individualized attention, a nurturing environment, as well as the structure necessary for a new way of life. There are no guarantees in recovery from addiction. But SouthCoast provided an excellent beginning for Kate that we believe will give her a good opportunity for the healthy, successful life she deserves.

Loug G. from Toms River, NJ
I was a client at SouthCoast Recovery last year. I would like to convey my thanks for all your help with my ongoing recovery. I celebrated 1 year of sobriety August 2, 2006 and know, without your help, it would have never happened. I want to thank all your wonderful staff and expecially Krishna, Mike Dennis, Robin, Ken and Travis. May God bless.

Jane S. from San Diego, CA
Just a quick note to tell you that I am doing well. I am teaching the 3rd grade full time and selling jewelry. I can't tell you how productive I am now that I am sober. It's amazing! Being free from drugs and alcohol has absolutely changed my life. I appreciate all that you do at SouthCoast Recovery and I actually miss all of you. Your treatment rehab center is what I needed. I'll come to meet and visit soon.

Amanda L. from Scottsdale, AZ
My name is Amanda L. I was a resident at South Coast Recovery almost a year ago, it was an experience that changed my life. I came to South Coast after a thirty day inpatient rehab, it was suggested to me that if I wanted to stay sober I needed to get more help. I was not willing to pick up and leave the life that I had made for myself but a part of me knew that to stay sober I would have to. My mother brought me out to California and left me in the hands of Dennis and Kirsten. South Coast picked up right where the my rehab left off, I learned more about myself and learned how to live life on life's terms. Life does happen and that's what I was scared about, I had always been so messed up on drugs and alcohol that life just felt like a big dream. Thanks to South Coast I recently celebrated my first year sobriety on October 18th and Kirsten and Dennis were both there to support me. Not only did South Coast make me a better person but I made friends along the way, I can honestly say that Dennis and Kirsten care about what happens to me and to this day I still run some of the decisions that I make in my life by those two. I think the best feeling is knowing that they are both here for me if I need them. I have a family out here even though I have long since moved out, I know that I can always come back and have dinner or sit and talk to the residents. Most of all, I feel a part of something, a great thing. SouthCoast save peoples lives, they saved my life and for that I will be forever grateful.

Ken G. from Laguna Niguel, CA
I guess I just wanted to say... that I will never forget that South Coast has done for me what no other program could do, give me the will and tools to say clean and sober, and allow me to turn my life around to where it is today - thanks!

Pablo (30-day Red Level client) I am extremely happy with the program. I’m loving it. The meditation we do here – I had bought a meditation CD when my wife was sick with breast cancer and we listened to it every day. The first day I was here I heard the same instruction during our meditation. The familiarity of it solidified the fact that I was in the right place. I’ve been doing meth for over 20 years. My wife got sick with breast cancer and I would put together some clean time when she was well and then lose it again when she got sick and had chemotherapy. I took care of her up to two days before she died and every day I dropped to my knees begging God to heal her. Every time I hit the pipe I begged God to help me. When my wife died, I gave up. I lost the belief that God could intervene in our lives. Then I got a call from a family friend – her daughter had come through SouthCoast Recovery and she loved it. She said, “If you need help, here it is.” I read the brochure and thought, massage, acupuncture and I get clean. I can do that. They sponsored me through the program. I truly believe that my wife had a hand in that. This is the first time I’ve had a structured program. I did NA (Narcotics Anonymous) before but at NA you just spill your trash on the table and there’s no direct feedback. Here the counseling is great – you get instruction and the tools to deal with what you’re going through. I think the whole program is well-rounded. It covers all aspects from clinical to therapeutic to spiritual to holistic. I’ve read the Celestine Prophecies and I believe that there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. I’m here at the right time. Since my wife died over a year ago, this is the first time that I’ve talked about her without breaking down. I guess that’s improvement huh?

LeeAnn (Crack, 6 month) I love everyone here – they are so attentive, caring and gentle. On one of the first days I was here, I heard it referred to it as the SouthCoast family and that is so true. This is my fourth treatment center and it is by far the best place I’ve been in. At other places I felt like 30 days was an eternity – it was all I could do to get through it. I’ve only been here for 34 days and I can’t imagine having left four days ago. Another thing I noticed with other places is that it was so obviously about the money. The houses were run down and the CEOs are walking around in Armani suits barely saying “Hello” to us. Here you see where the money is going – it’s to make things better for the clients. I can see that right away and I’ve only been here for a little over a month. There’s something about this place that is unlike any other. I’ve heard it from so many people – nothing beats Orange County for recovery, especially this area. I’m staying for five more months because it’s such a great place, I’m learning so much and I love the holistic approach. Don, Dr. Bob and Dr. Grant – I have quotes from them that stick in my mind. “You’re grateful or your hateful” (Don) “Your sensitivity guides you” (Grant) “You can still have that happy childhood” (Dr. Bob). They believe in what they’re saying and they help you believe it too. They really care. The green program (transitional living) is amazing. I didn’t know about it until I got here. I was nervous about transitioning to green but I’m also really excited. I love it so much here I think I might end up moving here for good.

LeeAnn (NTR) The NTR therapy was a sweet blessing for me. Barb, Dr. Groth’s nurse, said “She came alive right before my eyes on the fourth day!” There is a definite clarity of thought I didn’t have before. After the treatment I felt fresh, alive and thriving. I hadn’t felt that for so long. One of the things I noticed right away is that I could get up at 6 a.m. without an alarm clock. I was never a morning person. Now I can get up and go and there’s no grogginess. NTR did so much for my mind. The clarity, organization of thoughts and overall holistic approach has been so beneficial to me. I speak in sequence and when I had to write an e-mail to my son’s teacher it was coherent and concise. I don’t think I could have done that without NTR.”

Allison (Alcohol, Christian track) I did another 30-day inpatient treatment in more of a hospital setting and a few other outpatient treatments – this is the best by far. I really like the positive approach here. Other places I’ve been to, they beat you down and so I felt worse coming out than I did going in. Here I feel like I’m ready to leave and transition into the real world with a sense of confidence. The staff is so nice and always available to talk to. I also like the co-ed aspect for the dynamic it adds. It’s real. The program is completely workable if you’re ready. I like that SouthCoast offers more than the 12-step option. The Christian Track offers three groups in the morning and the option to attend Celebrate Recovery. I’ve decided to stay for the 90-day program because like I said, I’ve already done several other treatment programs. One of the most helpful aspects is that they take us places and show us that we can still have fun in sobriety. We’ve done a couple of beach outings and I never went to the beach sober. It gets you used to going and doing things sober you would normally do drinking. The social aspect and the physical activity helps so much

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