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Adderall Treatment, Adderall Addiction Treatment, Adderall Rehab California Adderall is a brand-name pharmaceutical psychostimulant used primarily to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. Adderall has been commonly prescribed for many years as a treatment for children and adults with attention deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD), a disorder that prevents children and adults from being able to focus on tasks for extended periods of time, a particularly detrimental condition for school performance. After administration of Adderall students have been shown to give higher teacher ratings and perform better in mathematics within 1.5 hours of initial dose. Depending on dosage, these beneficial effects can also last several hours allowing improved performance throughout the day. There are also other reasons for taking Adderall aside from just alleviating the symptoms of ADHD. Untreated ADHD has been linked to an increased risk of psychoactive substance abuse later in life. Adderall is also licensed for narcolepsy treatment. Narcolepsy is a condition that involves falling asleep uncontrollably and at unusual times. People who have narcolepsy symptoms often appear paralyzed when they are sleeping and have hallucinations when falling asleep. People who have narcolepsy often fall asleep several times during the day.

There are many ways that Adderall is abused. While some people abuse Adderall by taking it the way it was designed to be taken (orally), others may inject, smoke, or snort Adderall, additionally there are many reasons why Adderall is abused that are the same as other stimulants. One reason Adderall is abused is to get "high." Stimulants such as Adderall can increase alertness, attention, and energy, which are accompanied by increases in blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. Another reason Adderall is abused is for weight loss (see Adderall and Weight Loss). Weight loss is a common side effect of Adderall. Adderall is also sometimes abused by students who do not have ADHD, but feel that it helps them perform better in school. Because Adderall is composed of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, there is a very high risk of addiction and dependence that can lead to illegal behaviours, such as, doctor hopping, other crimes, and even theft in order to get more, however, since Adderall is so commonly prescribed, it is usually not difficult to find ways to obtain Adderall illegally and many people often turn to the Internet to get Adderall illegally.

The consequences of Adderall abuse can be extremely dangerous. Taking high doses of a stimulant can result in an irregular heartbeat, dangerously high body temperatures, and/or the potential for cardiovascular failure or seizures. Taking high doses of some stimulants repeatedly over a short period of time can lead to hostility or feelings of paranoia in some individuals. Adderall should not be mixed with antidepressants or over-the-counter common cold medicine containing decongestants. Antidepressants may enhance the effects of Adderall and taking Adderall with decongestants may cause blood pressure to become dangerously high or lead to irregular heart rhythms.

Over the past few years SouthCoast Recovery has been on the forefront of treating Adderall abuse more then ever before. Over this past year alone, clients that come to SCR for Adderall Addiction treatment have also been found to have abuse issues with other drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, amphetamines, or narcotic drugs. SouthCoast’s program helps all addicts that are dealing with addiction, but young people are the biggest population that we are treating in the past years. Finding a place that will approach a young person’s outlook on life, as an addict is something that we do not take lightly. It is important for families looking for help with Adderall Addiction to look at various rehabilitation solutions and make sure that a Adderall specific program is available.

As with any new experience in life, the decision to enter treatment can be frightening. There are thousands of treatment centers available across the nation and many offer similar treatment modalities. The difference is that at SouthCoast the level and quality of care offered by our staff is the best in the nation. Most of our staff members have made the journey to treatment themselves and are uniquely qualified to identify with those who are just beginning on the path to recovery. We truly care and are committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment that encourages one-on-one communication and a 24/7 open door policy. SouthCoast Recovery, It's About LIving!

Amphetamines, including Adderall, can cause withdrawal symptoms in people who stop taking them too quickly. However, Adderall withdrawal is more likely to happen when people take higher doses of Adderall than recommended. People who take Adderall as prescribed for a legitimate medical purpose do not usually have withdrawal symptoms when stopping Adderall. Some withdrawal symptoms of Adderall can include extreme fatigue, depression, and changes in heart rhythm others include:

* Symptoms of tourettism
* Seizures or abnormal EEGs
* High blood pressure
* Tachycardia
* Swelling of hands/feet/ankles (for example, numbing of the fingertips)
* Delusions
* Hallucinations
* Sweating
* Vomiting
* Intense Dehydration
* Muscle Pain
* Lower abdominal pain

Tolerance, extreme psychological dependence, and severe social disability can occur when amphetamines like Adderall are abused. The manufacturer warns against exceeding the prescribed dosage, injecting the drug, or insufflation of the drug. Prolonged high doses of amphetamines followed by an abrupt cessation can result in extreme fatigue and mental depression. Chronic abuse of amphetamines can manifest itself as psychosis, often indistinguishable from schizophrenia.

Users going "cold turkey" (withdrawal without using counteractive drugs or symptom-reducing), are more likely to experience the negative effects of withdrawal in a more pronounced manner.

From the medical effects of Adderall to social problems, SouthCoast Recovery’s Adderall addiction treatment brings solutions to the clients in a way that is tangible and easy to apply. Taking this into consideration we have put together to program that takes the mind body spirit approach to the client’s lives. We think that this is the best way to bring the clients all of the Adderall treatment opportunities that we have.

We are here for you 24/7.

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adderall treatment, adderall addiction treatment, adderall rehab california At SouthCoast Recovery's Adderall Treatment Center, we understand the pain and suffering that can make it tough to get clean from Adderall. Adderall addicts often have many serious physical and psychological problems that can be dangerous to themselves or others if not properly cared for. Our knowledgeable staff can help Adderall abusers overcome their unique challenges in a safe, structured environment.

Adderall Treatment Services/Options:

• Intervention services

• Physical health evaluation

• Medically-supervised, social model and holistic detox options

• Medication to help with cravings, pain and sleep

• Continued physical care throughout recovery

• Psychological evaluation for dual diagnosis of problems such as depression and anxiety, which may be underlying causes of abuse

• Individual psychological treatment

• Individual counseling

• Family counseling

• Hypnotherapy

• Adderall abuse education

• Health and wellness education

• Denial management

• Relapse prevention

• Anger management

• Acupuncture for pain management, stress reduction and decreased cravings

• Detoxification massage therapy

• Meditation for stress reduction, a calmer mind, reduced cravings and clarity

• Fitness sessions at gym (24-Hour Fitness)

• Integration of 12-step principles and Narcotics Anonymous meetings

• Structure, guidance and practice for long-term sobriety

Individual Attention

Getting clean takes courage, guidance, and structure. SouthCoast Recovery's Adderall Treatment Center offers intervention, detox, medication and treatment to conquer Adderall addiction. Our world-class clinical staff offers daily individual attention to get to the heart of the problem, deal with the wreckage and build the framework for a new, sobriety-based life.

We offer affordable, effective rehabilitation on the cutting-edge. Adderall addiction requires extended care. We offer 30, 60 and 90-day Adderall Treatment programs tailored to the individual’s needs. We blend clinical and holistic Adderall Treatment methods to renew mind, body and spirit while restoring relationships, goals and purpose. This prepares our clients for long-term sobriety, allowing our Adderall addiction treatment program to excel where others fail.

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What Is Adderall?

Adderall® (amphetamine and dextroamphetamine) is a prescription medication that is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is also used to treat narcolepsy. Because Adderall is an amphetamine and is commonly abused, there are special rules for prescribing it (see Adderall: A Controlled Substance for more information).

Who Makes Adderall?

Brand-name Adderall is manufactured by Shire US, Inc. Generic versions are made by several different manufacturers.

What Is It Used For?

As mentioned above, it is licensed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD for short. In addition to experiencing hyperactivity (having trouble sitting still), people with ADHD have problems paying attention, focusing, and controlling their behavior. While most people think of ADHD as a problem in children, it can also occur in adults (see Adult ADHD).

Adderall is also licensed for narcolepsy treatment. Narcolepsy is a condition that involves falling asleep uncontrollably and at unusual times. People who have narcolepsy symptoms often appear paralyzed when they are sleeping and have hallucinations when falling asleep. People who have narcolepsy often fall asleep several times during the day.

How Does It Work?

The drug is a stimulant, although it can have the opposite effects from what would be expected of a stimulant. While stimulants (like caffeine) can cause hyperactivity, when used at the doses for ADHD, Adderall has a calming effect. While the exact way Adderall produces a calming effect is not known, it is known that it affects chemicals in the brain. In general, it is used at higher, more stimulating doses when used for narcolepsy.

When and How to Take Adderall

Some general considerations for when and how to take this medication include:

* Adderall comes in tablet form. It is usually taken by mouth twice daily, although some people (especially those using it for narcolepsy) will need to take it more often.
* You can take it with or without food.
* For it to work properly, it must be taken as prescribed. It will not work if you stop taking it.


The dosage recommended by your healthcare provider will vary depending on a number of factors, including:

* Your age
* Other narcolepsy or ADHD medications you have tried
* Other medical conditions you may have
* Other medications you may be currently taking.



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