Alcohol Rehab: Alcohol Treatment

Researching facilities that offer alcohol treatment is the first step towards a new life. Below are some factors to consider when choosing an alcohol treatment center for yourself or a loved one:

  • Is the alcohol treatment facility state-licensed?
  • Does the alcohol treatment facility offer state-licensed detox?
  • Does the alcohol treatment facility offer a comprehensive program?
  • Is there a high staff to client ratio at the alcohol treatment facility?
  • Does the alcohol treatment modality (i.e., 12 steps) work for you?
  • Location of the alcohol treatment facility an be one of the greatest factors in the success of an individual’s treatment. Many seek alcohol treatment centers close to home in order to be near family members; however, this is not always in the best interest of the individual seeking treatment. Change requires focus. The familiarity of people, places and things can distract from the recovery process and increase the chances of relapse. A tough love approach that removes an individual from familiar surroundings can contribute to a successful recovery.
  • Avoid the “one-size-fits-all” approach to alcohol treatment. There are as many conditions and variations of alcohol & drug addiction as there are people seeking help. Seek out specialized drug rehab treatment programs for alcohol & drug addiction that take into account your personal history, including age, gender, childhood and adult trauma, family dynamics, co-dependency, dual diagnosis, physical distress and any other combination of factors contributing to chemical dependency. Find one that fits you.

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SouthCoast Recovery Alcohol Treatment

SouthCoast Recovery offers all these services and more during alcohol treatment. Alcoholism is a 3-part disease that afflicts the mind, body and spirit. In addition, many people afflicted with alcoholism are also struggling with depression or other mood disorders such as anxiety or bi-polar disorder. At SouthCoast Recovery, we give each person a clinical evaluation to determine whether dual diagnosis is a possibility; that is, the presence of two co-occurring disorders such as alcoholism and clinical depression. We then tailor a treatment plan for each individual.

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Personalized Alcohol Treatment Plan

SouthCoast Recovery offers a comprehensive alcohol treatment program that addresses the overall well-being of mind, body and spirit. Upon entry into our drug rehab, you'll receive a clinical evaluation to determine whether you suffer from underlying mood disorders, or dual diagnosis. Our clinical therapist will work with your assigned drug & alcohol counselors and each one of our holistic specialists to tailor a custom treatment plan exclusively for you. You have the option to enter our residential treatment program for 30, 60, 90 days or enter our 6 month program that introduces you to transitional living – that is, applying the skills you've learned in sobriety in the community with the continued supportive environment of SouthCoast Recovery.

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Alcohol Treatment Options following Alcohol Rehab

SouthCoast Recovery offers a transitional level for smoother acclimation back into society that few alcohol treatment programs can match. This is not merely sober living. Our experiential program allows you to progress from initial sobriety back into the community with the continued supportive environment of SouthCoast Recovery and the skills of an assigned drug and alcohol counselor.

In addition, we offer an Aftercare program that takes into account the varying needs of our clients. Many people have the responsibilities of work, school or childcare and need a flexible schedule that can accommodate their needs. SouthCoast Recovery offers a variety of Aftercare options following drug rehab, including:

  • Day or evening outpatient care
  • Continuing education in relapse prevention
  • Alcohol treatment counseling
  • Peer process and support groups
If you have any questions about our alcohol treatment program, call us today. Our intake coordinators are standing by to take your call.

Call us at 1-866-847-4506 – professional assistance is available 24/7.

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