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Ala Teen and Alcoholism

Written on: May 21st, 2009 By:

Ala-teen and Alcoholism

Being a teenager can be rough enough but living with alcoholism, such as an alcoholic parent or guardian, only compounds the problem. Certain patterns are established in families in and around drinking that affects everyone and can have an especially detrimental effect on teenagers and young adults. All too often, teenagers who live with an alcoholic parent end up fending for themselves even while trying to hide or cover up their parent’s drinking.

SouthCoast Recovery offers Ala-Teen and Alcoholism Help

Ala-teen offers a safe place for teenagers who live in this kind of environment to come together for support. They get the opportunity to meet other teenagers who share similar struggles of living with the effects of a loved one’s drinking. There are Ala-teen meetings throughout the Orange County area, which has one of the largest networks for young people in California. SouthCoast Recovery in Dana Point, California, encourages help for teenagers whose family members are actively drinking. We offer a residential alcohol treatment program for adults 18 and over. If you are considering Ala-teen or if you think you can help a family member, give us a call. Alcoholism is a family disease. It doesn’t cost anything to pick up the phone and talk to one of our intake coordinators about our residential alcohol treatment program in south Orange County. We want to help bring families back together again. For more information, please call us today. We can help you get the help you need!


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