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Alcohol Addiction Rehab

Written on: May 18th, 2009 By:

Alcohol Addiction Rehab

For someone in the throes of alcoholism, alcohol addiction rehab is usually the last resort. Most people don’t enter rehab willingly and more often than not it’s family members or loved ones who convince someone they need help.
Oftentimes people will try to quit on their own. They may dry out at a spa, start attending local 12-step meetings, or seek out self-help groups. Individual attempts at sobriety are not always successful long-term. The disease of alcoholism coupled with years of entrenched behaviors associated with drinking takes time to overcome.

What Alcohol Addiction Rehab Offers

Alcohol addiction rehab centers offer a variety of support tools, including group therapy, individual therapy, educational modules, workshops, drug and alcohol counseling and introduction to the 12-step model, the most widely recognized model for success in recovery. While people can and do seek out help on their own, it generally takes a safe, sober and structured environment to get through the initial discomfort of early sobriety and the support of others to help maintain it. Alcohol addiction rehab centers focus on teaching tools that can be implemented for long-term sobriety.

Success in Alcohol Addiction Rehab

Rates of success in alcohol addiction rehab are difficult to measure. The relapse rate varies given that prolonged exposure to alcohol has entrenched certain behaviors and patterns that take time to overcome. Relapse is not a sign of failure but of learning where the pitfalls are and how to overcome them on a daily basis.

The most important factor in determining success rates is the individual’s willingness to do whatever it takes to get sober and stay sober. Two people can get sober at the same time in the same alcohol addiction rehab center – one might make it and the other might go back out and drink for a few more years. It’s a matter of the individual’s being ready and willing to make the necessary changes to succeed.

Success at SouthCoast Recovery Alcohol Addiction Rehab

SouthCoast Recovery offers a variety of options for alcohol addiction rehab tailored to each individual. The rate of relapse has been shown to reduce significantly the longer an individual can commit to recovery. For this reason, SouthCoast Recovery offers 30, 60, 90 days and 6 months residential treatment with a transitional living program that is unequaled in the Orange County area. Clients attend inpatient in a safe, sober setting in the tranquil harbor town of Dana Point, California. Following inpatient, clients can continue counseling sessions with their assigned drug and alcohol counselor or stay on in a sober living environment to ensure long term success in sobriety. For more information, please call SouthCoast Recovery and talk to an intake coordinator today.


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