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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Written on: May 18th, 2009 By:

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When you decide it’s time for alcohol addiction treatment, find a program that works best for you. This is a life-changing time and you want to make sure that you are comfortable with your decision. How do you do this? By researching alcohol treatment programs at different rehab centers before committing to an inpatient plan.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Plan

No two people respond the same to alcohol addiction treatment. Some people may respond better to group therapy while others thrive on the introspection of journaling and meditation. You can’t always know what’s going to work best before you experience it. This is why it’s important to find a program that is comprehensive and offers a variety of different elements for you to choose from.

SouthCoast Recovery has a comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment plan that offers a variety of options, from individual sessions in clinical therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, acupuncture and massage to group therapy, innovative workshops, educational modules and 12-step support. A complimentary pass is provided to the local fitness center for individuals who enjoy releasing stress through exercise and there are various running trails near the residential homes. Clients at SouthCoast Recovery are able to take advantage of the many options available to build a treatment plan that is the most beneficial for them.

SouthCoast Recovery offers Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When it comes to alcohol addiction treatment, SouthCoast Recovery is the leading rehab center in Orange County. Our world-class staff provides a safe and supportive environment while you relax and enjoy the benefits offered during inpatient treatment. Massage therapy, acupuncture, meditation and yoga are a few of the holistic therapies we offer to enhance physical comfort and well-being. There is time to exercise, journal and visit with family members during hosted events on the weekends. Clinical therapy and drug and alcohol counseling offer an in-depth look into underlying issues that may be contributing to abuse. All of this is offered in the beautiful south Orange County harbor town of Dana Point, California. For more information, call our intake coordinators today.


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