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Alcohol and the Law

Written on: March 5th, 2009 By:

Alcohol and the Law

Alcohol and the law have always been closely linked.¬† Unfortunately, as alcohol begins to take more precedence in someone’s life they lose their inhibition and sense of danger inherent in climbing behind the wheel.¬† State governments have tried to enforce numerous laws in order to limit drunk driving that come as a result of alcohol, making the consequences of DUI or DWI tougher than ever.¬† One of the major problems that concerns alcohol and the law is underage drinking.¬† Alcohol has always held an appeal for young adults whether or not they are 21 but it becomes a concern for everyone when they put themselves and others at risk by drunk driving.¬† For those who are caught, the law has helped place people of all ages who suffer from alcohol abuse or alcoholism into alcohol rehabilitation as part of their sentence.

Those who struggle with alcohol abuse or alcoholism often show signs of impaired judgment whether or not they climb behind the wheel. These signs and symptoms include a confused or foggy state of mind, often suffering from black outs, drinking excessively without knowing one’s limit, the inability to control the amount that one drinks, acting irrationally, fits of anger, black-outs, denies having a drinking problem in spite of consequences with the law and much more. Most often the last person to realize he or she has a drinking problem is the one who has it. The time to help a loved one who is struggling with alcoholism is before the law gets involved.  Afterward, it may be too late and the chance for a happy, sober life is replaced with a life behind bars.

Alcohol and the Law: Education

Unfortunately, not many people are educated regarding alcohol, the consequences of alcoholism and the law. Many people do not know the difference between alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction, which is also called alcoholism. Consuming alcohol on a social or occasional basis does not constitute as alcohol abuse or addiction. Alcohol abuse is generally a precursor to alcoholism, but not always. Someone who has experienced a traumatic or stressful life transition may abuse alcohol for a period of time to cope but may arrest it before it gets out of hand. Alcohol abuse is spiraling into alcoholism when the individual is absolutely unable to quit drinking in spite of serious consequences, such as marital or work problems or run-ins with the law. Dependence upon alcohol to function on a daily basis may require an alcoholic to have a drink simply to get from point A to point B. In spite of knowing better, the danger of climbing behind the wheel may be secondary to their need to get to work, school or the grocery store. At this point, the odds of alcohol, alcoholism and the law coinciding increase exponentially.

Alcohol and the Law: Treatment For Alcoholics

If you or a loved one suffers from alcohol abuse or alcoholism, it is pertinent to receive treatment before the law gets involved. If you have already experienced consequences with the law because of your alcohol use, we can help. SouthCoast Recovery has specialized alcohol treatment programs for 30, 60, 90 days and 6 month residential treatment. In addition, there is a court liaison on staff who can help get your sentence reduced or even help you recover through alcohol rehabilitation rather than jail. There are also intervention services available if your loved one is at risk and refuses to get help. Get help for your alcohol abuse or alcoholism before the law steps in and does it for you. SouthCoast Recovery offers state-licensed, medically safe detox, clinical therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, family and marriage counseling, education on the disease model of addiction, holistic therapies of massage and acupuncture all in the beautiful harbor town of Dana Point, California. Avoid mixing alcohol and the law. Call us today to find out how. Professional assistance is available 24 hours a day.


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