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Alcohol Detox Center

Written on: May 13th, 2009 By:

Alcohol Detox Center

An alcohol detox center is a place to safely detox from the effects of alcohol. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous forms of drugs to detox from as quitting cold turkey can interrupt the Central Nervous System (CNS) resulting in Grand Mal seizures.

How do you know if you need an alcohol detox center? If you’ve been drinking heavily for a prolonged period of time and start to feel shaky, anxious or nervous as the alcohol begins to wear off, these are indications of withdrawal. Without alcohol, these symptoms will progressively worsen and possibly result in hallucinations, delirium tremens (DTs) and life-threatening convulsions.

SouthCoast Recovery’s Alcohol Detox Center

If you think you might need an alcohol detox center to safely wean yourself off the effects of alcohol, SouthCoast Recovery offers state-licensed detox in the heart of Dana Point, California. Alcohol detox is medically supervised within the comfort of a residential home where meals are provided and rest is encouraged. The most traditional form of alcohol detox is medical detox, where a mild form of medication is given to help ease the body through the initial withdrawal effects of alcohol. Clients are monitored on a 24 hour basis until the body is physically stabilized through the alcohol detox process.

SouthCoast Recovery also offers a revolutionary form of detox known as NeuroTransmitter Restoration (NTR) therapy. Through this process, a naturally-occurring amino acid solution is delivered intravenously that saturates the brain’s receptor sites, repairing damage done by alcohol abuse and restoring clarity within days instead of weeks or even months following traditional alcohol detox.

For more information on SouthCoast Recovery’s alcohol detox center, call to speak with an intake coordinator. Alcohol detox generally takes anywhere from 3 to 10 days depending on severity of alcohol use. There’s no need to let fear of alcohol detox deter you from getting the help you need. SouthCoast Recovery offers a mild and comfortable form of alcohol detox to safely ease you through withdrawal so you can get into recovery and get on with life. Call us today!


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