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Alcohol Rehab and Oriental Herbal Medicine

Written on: March 5th, 2009 By:

Alcohol Rehab and Oriental Herbal Medicine

Alcoholism is a common substance abuse problem that many Americans suffer from. While many people try to kick their alcohol addiction on their own, there is a high relapse rate. For this reason, alcohol addiction is best treated in a professional alcohol rehabilitation center. While relapse always remains an unfortunate possibility, an alcohol rehabilitation center does more than just physically remove the alcohol.

Alcohol Rehab: Introducing Oriental Herbal Medicine

During alcohol rehab, clients are treated on multiple levels to arrest alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction is a 3-part malady that affects people mind, body and spirit. Treatment of each area individually is crucial because they all play a part in a person’s struggle with alcohol addiction. Many who suffer from alcohol abuse and addiction begin consuming alcohol to numb feelings, feel more comfortable, handle transitional periods or merely cope with everyday life. These issues must be addressed in order to ensure a chance of staying on the road to recovery. Without addressing the underlying issues of alcohol addiction, an individual will not have the necessary tools to handle life and will therefore be much more likely to relapse.

Alcohol Rehab: The Benefits of Oriental Herbal Medicine

The best alcohol rehab centers will use a combination of therapies such as oriental herbal medicine to help treat alcohol addiction.¬† SouthCoast Recovery in Dana Point, California, has skilled holistic professionals to help ease the physical and mental anguish of alcohol addiction and withdrawal naturally. A skilled acupuncturist with a masters in Oriental herbal medicine is on staff to assist in the healing benefits during treatment. Oriental herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to help encourage the body’s own innate power to heal itself.

After alcohol detox, clients often experience discomfort from lingering withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety or depression. Oriental herbal medicine combines the relaxing benefit of acupuncture with herbal remedies to relieve these symptoms. Oriental herbal medicine is actually mandated in many alcohol rehab facilities for this purpose. Its benefits include reduced cravings, ease of withdrawal symptoms and enhanced relaxation as the body eases through withdrawal and begins to heal.

Other benefits of oriental herbal medicine during alcohol rehab include increased relaxation, more sleep at night, peace of mind and reducing pain and nausea symptoms.

Since oriental herbal medicine has so many benefits, SouthCoast Recovery’s alcohol rehab center also incorporates other types of holistic medicine into their program for more effective results. These include detoxification massage, hypnotherapy and primordial sound meditation. Each of these holistic therapies helps to heal the client on a mental, physical and spiritual level. These therapies are combined with the best clinical and medical care under the supervision of our combined treatment team to monitor one‚Äôs progress.

Alcohol Rehab: Oriental Herbal Medicine and Clinical Care

SouthCoast Recovery’s holistic practitioners work together with the clinical team to combine both traditional and modern forms of medicine for overall well-being. Both eastern and western medicine work together to address each person on an individual level during treatment for the severity of alcohol abuse. SouthCoast Recovery offers a variety of specialized programs for both the person suffering from the alcohol addiction and their family. The team at SouthCoast Recovery is available for interventions to help loved ones realize the severity of alcohol addiction. After alcohol detox, clinical evalation and counseling will help determine the reasons why he or she has become dependent on alcohol and tailor a treatment plan comprised of clinical and oriental herbal medicine. SouthCoast Recovery is dedicated to the well being of its clients with 24 hour professional care and supervision in a safe and relaxing environment. For more information on the benefits of oriental herbal medicine in our alcohol rehab program, call today.


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