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Alcohol Rehab and Physical Fitness

Written on: March 20th, 2009 By:

Alcohol Rehab and Physical Fitness

Addiction or abuse of alcohol can be difficult to overcome. By the time most people consider alcohol rehab, their whole lives have revolved around alcohol and the consequences of alcohol.  Alcohol rehab at SouthCoast Recovery is an ideal place to take 30, 60 or 90 days in a safe environment to determine how to live life without alcohol. When an individual’s main activity is drinking and that has been removed, the initial question is “Now what?” One of the most beneficial activities a client can participate in during alcohol rehab involves physical fitness. The benefits of physical fitness during alcohol rehab are many. Aside from the obvious physical effects, there are also mental, emotional and social benefits.

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction are Detrimental to the Human Body.

Alcohol inflicts severe internal trauma and at a certain period, external trauma as well. Individuals who drink daily to the point of intoxication may experience fights, accidents, and black-outs where they injure themselves without remembering how.  Often physical pain or injuries may not be felt or dealt with until alcohol rehab. The initial stages of alcohol detox and withdrawal can be uncomfortable. Internal organs may have sustained injury and the nervous system also needs to repair from the constant presence of alcohol. Skin damage from excessive drinking may be apparent and the body is unable to perform like it used to. Getting sober and adding physical fitness to a client’s routine offers many benefits. Not only is the body strengthened but nervous energy and anxiety is expelled by the calming properties released from physical exercise. Activities such as yoga and meditation can help internal energy flow throughout the body, helping to heal and prevent further damage that has already been sustained to one’s organs.

While working out, endorphins are created and released into the bloodstream. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers and create a natural euphoric feeling by releasing more serotonin into the system. This also helps stave off depression. Working out also helps to clear the mind of any problems that you may be finding hard to deal with and can improve sleep. Sweating will also help the detoxification process, releasing harmful toxins from alcohol abuse through the body’s pores.

SouthCoast Recovery in Dana Point, California, recognizes the importance of physical fitness during alcohol rehab. For this reason, a 30-day complimentary pass and transportation is provided to the local 24 hour fitness in order to encourage the benefits of daily exercise. Most of the residential homes are located within walking or running distance of some of the best beaches in Orange County. Clients are encouraged to use the state of the art fitness center or run off stress and anxiety that is generally present during the initial stages of recovery. Clients can also seek personal plans of fitness to help them start a healthy lifestyle.

SouthCoast Recovery also recognizes that getting out and active in the community is healthy. Clients not only have the opportunity to socialize with each other during time at the gym but meet others in the area. Fitness classes are available at the fitness center and SouthCoast Recovery also offers yoga to facilitate the mind, body and spirit connection.

Learning a new sport or participating in an old favorite pastime may be just what one needs to get active, find a new past-time and begin socializing in a healthy environment. Physical fitness is an extremely beneficial part of recovery during alcohol rehab at SouthCoast Recovery. This is offered in conjunction with holistic therapies of massage, acupuncture and meditation to help ease anxiety and depression, which are natural by-products of alcohol withdrawal. SouthCoast Recovery offers the most comprehensive, effective and affordable alcohol rehab treatment in the nation. For more information on physical fitness during alcohol rehab and how we can help you, call us at SouthCoast Recovery today.


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