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Alcohol Rehabilitation

Written on: May 20th, 2009 By:

Alcohol Rehabilitation

If you think you might need alcohol rehabilitation, you are not alone. Statistics show that 1 in 14 people have a problem with alcohol. The severity of the problem depends on how much alcohol abuse is interfering with your ability to live a healthy, happy life.

Do You Need Alcohol Rehabilitation?

Whether you need alcohol rehabilitation depends upon how much you drink and how often. Some people are “binge drinkers” and can go for long periods without alcohol only to find that once they start drinking they drink heavily for days, weeks or even months before they can rein it in again. Others are daily drinkers who maintain a certain level of alcohol in their system at all times in order to function as well as avoid withdrawal effects.

Often whether you need alcohol rehabilitation is determined by loved ones who can often see what you cannot. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism carry the symptom of denial that makes it difficult to see the problems it’s causing in your life as that would require giving up alcohol. If you can’t imagine living life without alcohol, you likely need alcohol rehabilitation in order to stop drinking.

SouthCoast Recovery offers Alcohol Rehabilitation

SouthCoast Recovery offers alcohol rehabilitation in the coastal town of Dana Point, California. There are a variety of alcohol programs to choose from, including 30, 60, 90 days or 6 month residential treatment. It’s been proven that the longer a person can commit to an alcohol abuse rehabilitation program, the better chance for long-term sobriety. Following inpatient there are a variety of options to continue treatment, including transitional living, outpatient and aftercare. These programs serve to help bridge the transition from alcohol addiction to living clean and sober as a productive member of society.

Choose Alcohol Rehabilitation at SouthCoast Recovery

Alcohol rehabilitation is about the program and the professionals who help you through it. You may think you can go it alone but very few people are able to maintain sobriety for long without professional help. This is because once you sever the physical reliance on alcohol, the reasons you drank still remain and must be addressed. This is done through counseling, clinical therapy, holistic treatments, journaling, educational modules, workshops and introduction of the 12-step model which offers role modeling and group support.
SouthCoast Recovery offers all this and more. Our professional staff members have over 100 years combined experience in alcohol rehabilitation. For more information, call us today!


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