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Alcoholics Anonymous

Written on: May 18th, 2009 By:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Although it has its critics, Alcoholics Anonymous has become the most successful alcohol recovery support group in existence. The 12-step principles it is founded upon have since become the basis for sister programs, including Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Overeaters Anonymous.

Alcohol Rehab and Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) offers support groups in the form of 12-step meetings all over the world. AA is introduced in most drug and alcohol rehab programs as a means of additional support once an individual has completed inpatient or outpatient treatment. People who go through a formal means of severing their dependency on alcohol through an alcohol rehab center may find it difficult to remain sober on their own once they return home. This is where the group support of Alcoholics Anonymous can make the difference between an individual staying sober and returning to alcohol. Individuals learn to rely on the group instead of alcohol.

SouthCoast Recovery introduces clients to the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and provides transportation to area 12-step meetings during inpatient treatment. While this is just a part of the overall comprehensive program that combines clinical therapy with the benefit of holistic processes, most clients need a sober support network following inpatient alcohol treatment. For this reason, SouthCoast Recovery finds Alcoholics Anonymous to be a beneficial addition to their alcohol rehab program.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Anonymity

Many people resist the idea of Alcoholics Anonymous because of the stigma involved – they don’t want others to know they have a problem with alcohol. In Alcoholics Anonymous, anonymity is the basis of the program and members are on a first-name only basis. While the size and individual nature of each group will vary, all meetings incorporate the same protocol. You’ll find everyone from young adults to professionals in the community attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. You may need to attend a few to find one that fits you.

Alcoholics Anonymous and SouthCoast Recovery

SouthCoast Recovery offers this advantage during alcohol rehab treatment. Clients are exposed to a variety of meetings in the Orange County area. Orange County has fast become a Mecca for recovery, offering over 1,000 12-step meetings a week. For this reason, it’s also become a draw for the top professionals in the realm of drugs and alcohol, making SouthCoast Recovery’s alcohol treatment program one of the best in the nation. For more information on how Alcoholics Anonymous and SouthCoast Recovery can help you, call us today. Professional help is available 24/7.


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