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Finding an Alcohol Rehab Center that is best for You

When it comes to choosing the best alcohol rehab center for you, you have to establish what you need. You may be in a delicate state of mind so having someone such as a family member or friend help you determine the factors you need is a good idea. Some preliminary questions to help you find the alcohol rehab center best for you may include some of the following:

  • Do you have special needs (vegetarian, physical disability, etc.)?
  • Is physical fitness important to you?
  • Are you looking for a faith-based or holistic rehab program?
  • Is an Intervention necessary for your loved one?
  • Are you looking for an inpatient or outpatient program?

These are just a few questions which will help get you start finding an alcohol rehab center that is best for you.
Not every drug and alcohol rehab center offers the same amenities, treatments or programs.
Therefore, investigating an alcohol rehab center prior to committing yourself will prove crucial in finding the best alcohol rehab program for yourself.

The Best Alcohol Rehab Center for you will Offer Specialized Treatment Programs

An alcohol rehab center such as SouthCoast Recovery offers a variety of specialized treatment programs for individual, effective and affordable care. The most important criteria of an alcohol rehab center is whether it tailors a program specifically for each individual rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. SouthCoast Recovery offers 30, 60, 90 day and 6-month residential living during alcohol rehab treatment. There is also a transitional living program to help facilitate the transition from inpatient to outpatient. Outpatient programs offer support to clients as they learn how to incorporate tools and skills learned during inpatient in real life situations with continued counseling and peer group processing.

The Best Alcohol Rehab Center for you will Offer Comprehensive Treatment

Making the initial decision to enter alcohol rehab is perhaps the hardest choice of all. Once admitted at SouthCoast Recovery, the client will meet with medical and clinical staff to devise a recovery plan. If necessary, the client will initially submit to detoxification which is administered in one of two ways: a medical detox or NeuroTransmitter Restoration detox. These two types of detox options are medically supervised and safe. Cold turkey is never advised for any type of detoxification, especially with alcohol or benzodiazepines, as abrupt cessation of use can result in deadly seizures.

Once the detoxification process has been completed, clients then undergo a clinical evaluation that takes into account health and substance abuse history as well as family dynamics or any underlying issues that may be contributing to alcohol abuse or addiction. A personalized plan is then developed that incorporates the finest clinical care with advanced holistic therapies. SouthCoast Recovery offers more individual therapy and holistic sessions than any other alcohol rehab center in Orange County. This personal attention is one of the reasons why SouthCoast Recovery is the leading alcohol rehab center in southern California.

The best alcohol rehab center for you also offers a variety of innovative workshops, educational modules and activities that educate and support individuals in sobriety. SouthCoast Recovery offers workshops on the disease model of addiction as well as the benefits of holistic therapies and the mind, body and spirit connection. There is also the benefit of a complimentary 24 hour fitness pass, yoga, softball and running trails near some of the residential homes. Physical fitness is an important component of the healing process during recovery.

Another important component of finding the best alcohol rehab center for you includes incorporating the most effective healing techniques. SouthCoast Recovery offers a variety of therapies and holistic treatments that clients find particularly soothing and relaxing during their stay. In addition to group and individual therapy sessions, clients can also participate in acupuncture, hypnotherapy, detoxification massage and primordial sound meditation in order to clear their mind and renew their spirit. For those people who are looking for a faith-based track to recovery, SouthCoast Recovery also offers a Christian program.

SouthCoast is one of the most comprehensive, effective and affordable alcohol rehab facilities in the nation. This Orange County alcohol rehab facility has developed its programs with you in mind. Call us today and find out more about all the specialized programs SouthCoast Recovery offers. You will soon discover that SouthCoast Recovery is the alcohol rehab center that is right for you!


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