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How Massage helps Alcohol Rehab

Written on: March 20th, 2009 By:

How Massage helps Alcohol Rehab

There are many reasons why people turn to alcohol as a solution to their problems. Some people believe that alcohol will help them to relax while others believe that it will wash their fears and problems away. Nevertheless, when these people are unable to perform daily activities such as getting out of bed, going to school or work, meeting physical needs such as nutrition or exercise, their alcohol abuse problem has become an alcohol addiction problem. Those who suffer from alcohol addiction or abuse stand a better chance of recovering successfully if they seek professional help at an alcohol rehabilitation center in order to lead a healthy, happy life without alcohol.

Alcohol Rehab: Massage helps with Detoxification

At SouthCoast Recovery, our professional staff members realize how delicate alcohol recovery can be. Most people entering alcohol rehabilitation do so with a certain amount of anxiety and discomfort. For most, alcohol has become a vital part of coping with life and the thought of functioning without it seems impossible. Complicating the resistance to recovery is the sometimes severe withdrawal symptoms that can accompany alcohol detox. SouthCoast Recovery does everything possible to make the initial stages of alcohol rehab comfortable with medically safe and supervised state-licensed detox. Following detox, holistic practitioners then incorporate detoxification massage into a personalized plan to help ease clients through any remaining discomfort that may be associated with withdrawal and the initial stages of recovery.

Alcohol Rehab: Massage helps with Relaxation

Traditionally, massage is used for relaxation purposes. Stress and anxiety are relieved by massaging the tissue and muscles, releasing toxins while encouraging energy flow, clients leave a massage relaxed and refreshed. A detoxification massage is based on these same principles. Any type of substance addiction will take a large toll on one‚Äôs body. This will likely not be felt while one is still consuming alcohol, but once he or she begins detoxification a generalized sense of discomfort and dis-ease sets in.¬† Massage helps ease the anxiety associated with withdrawal while helping to to stimulate the body’s own innate power to heal from alcohol abuse.

Alcohol abuse is known to accelerate the aging process. Massage also helps to rejuvenate the blood flow, giving the skin a healthier glow. With a weekly massage, clients begin to take on a healthier appearance. Detoxification massage is just one way SouthCoast Recovery helps to relax and rejuvenate their clients on a mind, body and spirit level. The integration of massage into alcohol rehab blends a combination of Eastern healing properties with Western medical care for ease of detoxification and comfort during the initial stages of recovery.

Alcohol Rehab: Massage & Holistic Therapies

SouthCoast Recovery believes the renewal of mind, body and spirit is best accomplished through this combination of traditional Eastern and modern Western therapies. The introduction of holistic methods such as massage in alcohol rehab benefits clients with improved relaxation during what is a very stressful time for the body. The improved energy flow helps with concentration during the initial phases of recovery. Massages help improve the mind/body connection in conjunction with other holistic therapies, such as primordial sound meditation, acupuncture and hypnotherapy. These holistic therapies are normally offered after the initial detoxification of the client and used in conjunction with clinical therapy and drug and alcohol counseling.

SouthCoast Recovery offers the most comprehensive, effective and affordable alcohol rehab treatment in Orange County, California. The finest clinical care combined with the healing properties of massage, acupuncture, herbal remedies and other holistic therapies are designed for each client in an individual treatment plan. For more information on how massage helps alcohol rehab and how SouthCoast Recovery can help you, contact us today.


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