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How Meditation helps in Alcohol Rehab

Those who struggle with alcohol abuse or addiction need to learn certain techniques to employ after alcohol rehab in order to remain sober during difficult times. Alcohol rehab is a positive step, but it is only the beginning of a journey. There will always be temptations that can trigger an individual to return to drinking months or even years into recovery. The benefit of receiving professional help for a drug or alcohol addiction is that clients at one of these facilities will learn certain techniques that will help him or her both in and out of alcohol rehab. One of these is meditation.

Alcohol Rehab and Meditation

Many may question how meditation helps in alcohol rehab. Meditation is a very powerful tool for those who are recovering from an alcohol addiction. It has been practiced for thousands of years by those seeking to connect with their inner consciousness and develop a deep, relaxed and calm state.¬†In this serene state of mind, one is able to evaluate his or her life from an objective place. As Socrates said, ‚ÄúThe unexamined life is not worth living.” The practice of meditation helps improve relaxation, concentration and clarity. Most individuals entering alcohol rehab feel anxious following initial detox and may be restless and irritable as withdrawal symptoms subside. Meditation helps interconnect and calm the mind, body and spirit. This is one of the reasons why alcohol rehab centers are beginning to use meditation as part of their treatment programs. SouthCoast Recovery has professional staff members trained in primordial sound meditation to lead clients in daily meditation during initial 30-day alcohol rehab treatment.

How Meditation helps during Alcohol Rehab

Withdrawal is an initial part of alcohol rehab that can be uncomfortable and painful. Meditation is a holistic way to help relieve withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, instead of using drugs. By tapping into your inner consciousness, the mind, body and spirit connection is strengthened which results in serenity, clarity and improved concentration while releasing emotional pain. Clients are better able to examine their lives, come to terms with their past and make better, healthier decisions with the help of meditation. This is how meditation helps in alcohol rehab.

How Meditation helps after Alcohol Rehab

Meditation is not only useful during alcohol rehab but also after. Meditation helps tap into an inner peace and strength, calming the mind and spirit. Practiced daily, it incorporates a general sense of ease and well-being into an individual’s life. The practice of meditation serves well following alcohol rehab when an individual will be faced with the normal difficulties of life and can no longer reach for a drink to calm down or get through it. Social events such as happy hour or events that involve drinking can be stressful for a person just out of alcohol rehab. Meditation not only helps calm but provides a sense of clarity that removes the imminent threat of alcohol.

Meditation at SouthCoast Recovery’s Alcohol Rehab Center

SouthCoast Recovery is not just an alcohol rehab center, but a safe and supportive environment where clients are introduced to a new way of living. Meditation is practiced daily. In addition, clients are introduced to the calming effects of detoxification massage, acupuncture and herbal remedy. Combined with individual one-on-one clinical therapy, drug and alcohol counseling and group therapy, clients experience overall mind, body and spirit renewal. Innovative workshops, educational modules and over 100 years combined experience treating drug and alcohol addiction are just a few of the reasons why SouthCoast Recovery is the leading alcohol rehab center in Orange County, California. For more information on how meditation helps in alcohol rehab or any of our alcohol treatment programs, call us today.


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