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Physical Alcohol Addiction

Written on: May 15th, 2009 By:

Physical Alcohol Addiction

Physical alcohol addiction is also known as alcoholism. This is an obsession of the mind and an allergy of the body. When a person who is suffering from alcohol addiction takes a drink, all bets are off. It sets up a phenomenon known as ‚Äúcraving‚ÄĚ which makes it almost impossible for the person to stop drinking.
Alcohol addiction is a physical and psychological dependency on alcohol and in the later stages, a person comes to rely on it merely to function. Someone who has an alcohol addiction comes to the point where alcohol is more important than food, health, relationships, work or anything else of merit.

Effects of Physical Alcohol Addiction

Physical alcohol addiction means that the body suffers withdrawal when alcohol is removed. Alcohol is toxic to the body. All alcohol is processed through the liver, resulting in serious health problems such as liver cancer or cirrhosis for the person who consumes heavy amounts of alcohol on a regular basis. In addition, gastrointestinal problems frequently occur with heavy drinking as alcohol is absorbed through the stomach lining.  Other health complications include memory loss and accidents related to alcohol impairment.

Withdrawal symptoms from quitting alcohol can also be extremely serious, and for this reason medical detox is strongly advised. Symptoms range from mild to severe, including headaches, nausea, tremors, insomnia, night sweats, night terrors, auditory and visual hallucinations and life-threatening seizures.

Dealing with Physical Alcohol Addiction

If you suffer the physical effects of alcohol addiction, SouthCoast Recovery can help. Most alcohol-related problems heal with abstinence. SouthCoast Recovery offers a state-licensed facility that offers medical detox for comfortable withdrawal from alcohol. Clients relax in a comfortable residential setting and are generally administered a mild form of prescription medication during early withdrawal when symptoms are greatest. Once the body is physically stabilized, clients can schedule medical appointments for any remaining health complaints. Holistic practitioners on staff also work with each person individually to address these issues.
For more information on how SouthCoast Recovery can help you overcome your physical alcohol addiction, call today.


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