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What Alcohol Rehab Centers Do

Written on: March 20th, 2009 By:

What Alcohol Rehab Centers Do

Alcohol rehab centers offer people a second chance at life in a safe, supportive environment under the care and guidance of qualified staff members. For those who struggle with the grip of alcoholism, alcohol rehab may be the only environment that arrests drinking long enough for sobriety to get a foothold.

By the time individuals progress from alcohol abuse to alcoholism, they have lost the ability to control their alcohol consumption. Most likely, the result has been enough negative consequences that professional help or intervention is necessary. Alcohol rehab centers such as SouthCoast Recovery offer comprehensive alcohol treatment that combines medical care with clinical therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, educational modules and advanced holistic therapies for healing of mind, body and spirit.

Alcohol Rehab Centers offer Physical Detox

Alcoholism is an addiction of mind and body, and before the mind can be addressed the body needs alcohol detox. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs to detox from as abrupt cessation can result in life-threatening convulsions or seizures. Depending upon how long and how much a person has consumed, alcohol detox can last from 3-7 days. Alcohol rehab centers like SouthCoast Recovery offer medically safe, state-licensed detox to gradually wean the body off of alcohol. Holistic options are also available to help ease withdrawal symptoms. Medical supervision is highly recommended with 24 professional care until an individual is physically stable.

Alcohol Rehab Centers offer Clinical therapy

The real alcohol treatment begins following alcohol detox. Alcohol rehab centers may offer clinical therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, group therapy and educational modules to educate clients on the disease model of addiction. The psychological reliance on alcohol is the hardest to break, with cravings and triggers lasting for months. For this reason, clients need to become aware of what might trigger them to drink again after alcohol treatment.

Clinical therapy is the practice of exploring underlying issues that may be contributing to drug and alcohol abuse. SouthCoast Recovery offers more individual clinical therapy sessions than any other alcohol rehab in Orange County. Our clinical therapist has 44 years experience with issues such as childhood or adult trauma, abuse and chemical imbalance that may be contributing to alcohol abuse. During alcohol treatment, each client receives a clinical evaluation to help determine underlying issues that may be contributing to alcohol abuse. An individual plan comprised of therapy, counseling, education and holistic treatments is then developed for each person.

Alcohol Rehab Centers offer Education

Alcohol rehab centers educate individuals on the disease model of alcoholism and alcohol addiction. Alcohol is a 3-part malady that affects mind, body and spirit. Understanding the physical and psychological effects of alcohol is necessary in order to to help avoid the potential pitfalls of relapse. During alcohol treatment, educational modules and innovative workshops on the latest discoveries of mind, body and spirit are offered at SouthCoast Recovery in conjunction with classes on uncovering Values, Anger Management and Relapse Prevention

Alcohol Rehab Centers offer Holistic Therapies

Not all alcohol rehab centers offer holistic therapies but SouthCoast Recovery has found them to be highly successful in alcohol treatment. Holistic therapies of acupuncture, massage and meditation help strengthen the connection between mind, body and spirit while awakening the body’s innate ability to heal itself. In some alcohol rehab centers, acupuncture has been court-mandated for its effectiveness at relieving stress, discomfort and cravings while increasing a sense of calm and well-being.

Alcohol Rehab Centers offer a New Beginning

Alcohol Rehab centers offer a new beginning under the care and guidance of professionals who understand alcoholism and know how to help arrest it. At SouthCoast Recovery, caring staff members have over 100 years combined experience in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Medical care, clinical care, holistic therapies and education work together to give each person a solid foundation in sobriety. Following inpatient alcohol treatment, transitional living is available to help ease clients back into society with continued support and counseling in a safe environment.

At SouthCoast Recovery, we are a leading example of what alcohol rehab centers do to benefit those who are struggling with alcoholism. For more information, pick up the phone and call us today. Professional assistance is available 24/7.


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