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Detox and the Family

Written on: June 4th, 2010 By:

Family of people struggling with the disease of addiction often find themselves feeling confused and helpless, wishing the substance use would stop as soon as possible. However, this may not be in anyone’s best interests. Abrupt abstinence has certain risks, including withdrawal symptoms with serious medical repercussions. Many people need to be admitted to a […]


Drug Detox

Written on: September 30th, 2008 By:

Detox is probably the most dreaded part of alcohol and drug rehab. Detox is the physical withdrawal of the substance from the human body and for certain substances, can be very dangerous and requires medical monitoring. Depending on the substance of abuse, detox symptoms can range from excessive sleep for numerous days to seizures, blackouts, […]


Pharmacotherapy is one type of therapy that is important in a drug rehabilitation program. It uses medications such as buprenorphine and methadone to tone down one’s drug dependency. These medications stabilize the patient’s opioid system and thus are effective in reducing drug and substance dependence. Another type of therapy involves alcohol detox. It is based […]