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Written on: May 1st, 2009 By:

Addiction Whether you struggle with alcoholism or drug addiction, you are fighting a disease that occurs on a three-part level. Addiction is an obsession of the mind, an allergy of the body and a spiritual malady. Addiction has to the power to rob you of relationships, family, career, health and sanity. Most people have to […]


Disaster of Heroin

Written on: February 16th, 2009 By:

This post on the effects of heroin is meant to educate and help those who may have a loved one who is experimenting or addicted to heroin. Quite often people who haven’t used drugs or who have not had any exposure or education find it difficult to understand how someone would consider even trying such […]


Free from Heroin Dependency

Written on: January 27th, 2009 By:

Heroin drug detox is an vital part of the Heroin rehab process. Unfortunately, some of the most high-priced Heroin treatment facilities in our country fail to make the connection. The truth is that Heroin addiction is at root a physiological disease, and Heroin drug rehab must begin with physiological healing. In choosing a Heroin addiction […]


Extrememly Heroin Addictive

Written on: December 11th, 2008 By:

Heroin is a drug that enters your brain very fast. It will slow down your thinking, your reaction time, and also the way that you process and store information in your memory. It will have a negative effect on the way that you act and the way you make decisions. Heroin will create special problems […]


Lost Everything Because of Heroin

Written on: October 24th, 2008 By:

I lost everything because of heroin, trying to save my daughter’s life. Sam died on January 3. Drug Dealer may have been put in prison but there are other dealers out there who will replace them. It is a problem that is not going to go away and there is not enough help or resources […]