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Symptoms of Depression

Written on: March 5th, 2009 By:

Symptoms of Depression

Depression effects millions of people nationwide and is nothing to be ashamed or feel guilty about. Depression often may be caused by a chemical imbalance or another type mental dysfunction.

Depression Warning Signs

How do we know if someone is suffering from depression?

There are many warning signs of depression. The most common of them are:

– Sadness, lethargy, or general malaise which lasts for a long period with an overall loss of interest in life. A person struggling with depression can’t take pleasure from things which usually seem to be enjoyable, they don’t look forward to the future and the person is always in a bad mood, irritated, or experiences feelings of guilt.

– They have difficulty with attention, have problems concentrating, they may not remember the things which happened recently or in recent conversations. A person struggling with depression often feels a lack of energy and is always tired.

– A depression person has eating disorders he can either lose appetite, or eat too much, it can cause the weight loss or weight gain.

– Person with depression problems may have problems sleeping, such as, insomnia or they may sleep too much.

– Sometimes mental problems may cause physical problems with health, for example headaches, stomachaches, or other generalized pain.

– People fighting depression can have feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness, frequently thinking that they are struggling alone in the world; they may even have suicidal thoughts (sometimes even suicidal attempts) as a result of their depression.

One of the most important things to know about depression is that it can be treated successfully by those trained in dealing with depression.

SouthCoast Recovery Depression Treatment

At SouthCoast Recovery, our goal is to treat and cure the depression, without medication and with therapy that helps to get rid of the anger and hurt at the root of the depression. This is done in-group and individual sessions, in a protected environment, where cure of depression is our goal. At SouthCoast Recovery’s Depression Treatment program, we understand the pain and suffering that can make it tough to get help for depression.

SouthCoast Recovery… It’s About Living!


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