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Drug Addiction and the Law

Written on: March 6th, 2009 By:

Drug Addiction and the Law

When an individual has crossed the line into drug addiction it most often requires professional help to be overcome. Drug addiction carries the symptom of denial where the individual usually does not recognize how out of control their drug habit has become. They may not recognize that their behavior is erratic and maybe even dangerous to others because they are operating under the influence of what may be very powerful drugs. The fear of not having the drug outweighs the negative consequences of taking them.

Drug users and drug addiction affects almost everyone in some way, shape or form. Innocent people are put at risk when those under the influence climb behind the wheel. This is where drug addiction and the law meet. Drugs can seriously impair judgment and lead people to do things they normally wouldn’t do. Crimes are committed such as theft, burglary, acts of violence, assault, battery and even death when drugs are involved.

Such events like driving under the influence or acts of violence often bring the law into contact with drug addiction. This can be a saving grace when the law forces an individual to get the help they desperately need. For many, their introduction to drug rehab or 12-step meetings comes through the courts. When law enforcement and the judicial system work in a positive manner for the rehabilitation of drug addiction it benefits everyone.

Drug Addiction and the Law: What is Drug Addiction?

When discussing drug addiction and the law, it’s necessary to address the question, “What is drug addiction?”  drug addiction is when a person’s mind and body are dependent upon a chemical that, when removed, results in withdrawal symptoms ranging from mild to severe. By the time a person is addicted, he or she has become dependent upon the drug to function. Drug addiction takes many forms, whether it’s alcoholism, addiction to street drugs or prescription drug addiction. A person suffering from drug addiction who is experiencing withdrawal from drugs may have more difficulty functioning than if there is still some level of chemicals in their bloodstream. However, being under the influence and attempting to function in society jeopardizes their safety as well as everyone else they come into contact with.

Drug Addiction and the Law: The Face of Addiction

While some people have an obvious drug addiction, others may hide it for a long time from those they love and even from themselves. They may be high functioning, high-performing and responsible. They may be very sensible and even fun to be around unless or until they take too much of the drug or they don’t have enough and begin to withdrawal. This fluctuation results in mood swings and behavior changes. The most mild-mannered person may erupt in violence without explanation. Drug addiction effects personality changes that may seem unexplainable to everyone in the life of the drug addict; meanwhile, he or she may not even realize these changes are happening. Their judgment becomes impaired to the point where the drug becomes more important than anything else. In a situation like this, coming into contact with the law because of drug addiction” can be exactly the wake-up call needed to effect positive change.

Drug Addiction and the Law: Treatment

It may take the law to get an individual into treatment for their drug addiction. However, only the individual can do the work required to get sober. The law may offer the alternative of drug rehab rather than jail. SouthCoast Recovery has a court liaison who can help if you find yourself in trouble with the law because of drug addiction. SouthCoast Recovery offers 30, 60, 90 day and 6 month residential treatment for drug addiction in Dana Point, California. Our treatment program combines the finest clinical care, educational modules on the disease model of addiction and holistic therapies of massage and acupuncture for overall mind, body and spirit renewal. Don’t wait for the consequences of the law to force you to change your life – it might be too late. If you are endangering your life and those of others with behavior that could interfere with the law, call us today. Our intake coordinators are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about drug addiction, the law and how we can help.


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