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12 Steps in Drug Rehab

Written on: May 1st, 2009 By:

12 Steps in Drug Rehab

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, you’ve probably heard about 12 step programs. The 12 steps were founded by the principals of Alcoholics Anonymous and has proven to be the most successful method in overcoming addiction. Most people don’t understand how working through these steps can help them overcome addiction.

Addiction carries the symptom of denial, so the first step in overcoming addiction is to admit you are “powerless” over your alcohol or drug usage. If you are considering alcohol or drug rehab, you have lost the ability to control your alcohol or drug use. However, you can regain control of your life by committing to working the 12 step program.

Usually by the time most people consider alcohol or drug rehab, they are experiencing negative consequences from alcohol and drug usage. This could be loss of relationships, job, career, health or even your freedom. If you’ve experienced any of these consequences because of alcohol and drug use, an alcohol or drug rehab program such as the one offered by SouthCoast Recovery is for you. SouthCoast Recovery offers a comprehensive social model program that introduces clients to the fundamentals of the 12 steps in a holistic environment. Clients attend area 12 step meetings to hear how others have recovered from drugs and alcohol using the 12 steps of AA, NA or CA.

Resistance to 12 Step Programs

One of the biggest problems people have with any 12 step program is the idea of “God.” 12 step programs encourage the idea of a Higher Power that can be anything from God to Buddha to the group itself. It comes down to the fundamental idea of faith – believing in the unseen. Some people come in with a strong concept of God while others struggle with the idea. It’s important to not reject the idea of a 12 step program based on the idea of God. Time in the program will help you develop a concept that works for you. It’s also important that you have faith in YOU. Changing patterns of drug and alcohol use that you’ve likely developed over a long period of time is not easy, and this is why the support of a 12 step group can be instrumental in keeping you sober. You will often hear it said at meetings, “We’ll love you until you can love yourself.” This is also true for the staff members at SouthCoast Recovery. Most of our staff members have made the same journey to recovery you will. We offer a safe, supportive and sober environment for 30, 60, 90 days and 6 month residential treatment in the harbor town of Dana Point, California.  For more information on how we can help you or your loved one get sober and stay sober, call us today. Professional assistance is available 24/7.


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