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DANA POINT, CALIFORNIA, July 25, 2008 — The idea that it takes years to become addicted and hit bottom is merely that – an idea. The vision of an older man teetering on the street in soiled rags clutching a bottle is an outdated perception and a microscopic percentage of the overall population that struggles with alcohol and drug addiction. The truth is the majority of people who are addicted to drugs or struggling with alcoholism are younger – much younger. In fact, 90% of the clients that enter the doors of SouthCoast Recovery, California’s leading drug and alcohol treatment center, are under the age of 25.

“American Teen”, directed by Nanette Burstein and premiering this weekend, is a realistic portrayal of teenagers in the Midwest dealing with the adult themes of drugs, alcohol and sex. A hit at the 2008 Sundance Independent film festival, “American Teen” follows the lives of four Indiana high school seniors as they navigate the channels of stereotyped roles, peer pressure and struggle to find where they belong.

It is precisely these two elements – peer pressure and the need to belong – that lead many teenagers to drug and alcohol abuse. Research shows that the younger a person is when they start drinking or using, the greater likelihood he or she will become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Odds escalate for teenagers who begin experimenting under the age of 15. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol or drug dependency does not always take years to develop. The potency of street drugs like meth (methamphetamines, crystal meth, crank) and heroin can lead to instant addiction with devastating results.

Many teenagers and young people in their 20s that enter the doors of SouthCoast Recovery struggle with the idea of lifelong sobriety at such a young age. Yet the disease of addiction is not selective – it affects people of all ages, sex, race and culture on a global scale. SouthCoast Recovery is proud to be nation’s foremost drug rehab center fighting the war against addiction with specialized 30, 60, 90-day and 6 month residential treatment programs in southern California. SouthCoast Recovery has eight residential homes throughout Orange County, and offers the finest clinical and medical care available with advanced holistic treatment methods and individualized attention for overall well-being. One-on-one clinical therapy, acupuncture and massage as well as educational modules and 12-step support all designed to work in a synergistic manner, helping teens, young people and adults get sober and stay sober.

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction isn’t easy, but it is possible and a majority of the staff members at SouthCoast Recovery have suffered from addiction and now stand as a testament to an individual’s ability to break free. SouthCoast Recovery offers specialized programs for those 18 and over that need help to recover from addiction.


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