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Drug Rehab Aftercare for Teens

Written on: August 18th, 2009 By:

Drug Rehab Aftercare for Teens

Drug rehab aftercare for teens is likely the last place any teenager wants to be. A young person dealing with alcoholism and drug addiction during the awkward transition from child to adult is likely to be more resistant to drug rehab aftercare and want to ditch any notion of continuing care following drug rehab. While this is rather expected, drug rehab aftercare for teens can make the difference between struggling with addiction for years or building a new self image as a young sober adult.

Drug Rehab Aftercare for Teens: Transition

Once anyone leaves the safe environment of drug rehab, the struggle to build a new life as a sober person begins. It’s not an easy transition for anyone and for teenagers especially, age can be a benefit or a detriment, depending on personality. Teenagers are impressionable and soak up new information better than adults. Drug rehab treatment can be effective at introducing a new way of life independent of drugs and alcohol. Drug rehab aftercare for teens can then effectively build on this information and help solidify new behavior patterns that were introduced during drug rehab. If the teenager accepts this new way of life, years of pain and struggle with addiction can be avoided.

Drug Rehab Aftercare for Teens: Resistance

On the other hand, the very nature of a teenager lends itself to rebellion. Wanting to experiment without someone ‚Äútelling them what to do‚ÄĚ can lead to resisting the very help they need to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction. Teenagers may feel they are too young to be saddled with this disease. In addition, being seen as different during this transitional time is generally not desirable or acceptable. Even teenagers that exhibit rebellious attitudes or an anti-establishment approach by embracing punk, gothic or street culture still have a need to belong. This is why gangs thrive. Acting out with drugs and alcohol at a young age may bring just the attention and/or sense of belonging they desire.

Drug Rehab Aftercare for Teens: Acceptance

For these reasons, drug rehab aftercare for teens is an important follow-up to drug rehab. An initial 30-day program is just the beginning of a lifestyle change necessary to live life without turning to alcohol and drugs. Drug rehab aftercare for teens offers a safety net during a delicate time when they could either embrace or reject the information presented during drug rehab. SouthCoast Recovery offers aftercare programs for people 18 and over that addresses areas such as self-image, values, goal-setting, career guidance, life management and core questions that relate to life purpose. In addition, we offer continued counseling, group therapy, advanced workshops and concepts related to building a new image and a new life in sobriety all within the sober and supportive environment of SouthCoast Recovery. For more information on how we can help support you and your teenager, call us today.


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