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Drug Rehab Treatment

Written on: May 22nd, 2009 By:

Drug Rehab Treatment

Most individuals who are in the grips of alcoholism and drug addiction will resist drug rehab treatment. This is because the major symptom of addiction is denial and it cloaks the individual’s ability to see what’s really happening. This is why consequences often need to be severe enough to get someone’s attention before they are ready to concede defeat. This could be the loss of a significant relationship, job, house, car and even their freedom if they are caught drinking and driving.

Drug rehab treatment is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s usually necessary to interrupt what has become a destructive pattern of behavior that is often difficult if not impossible to stop on your own.
Alcoholism and drug addiction is an obsession of the mind and an allergy of the body. When someone whose been consistently taking alcohol or drugs into the body quits, the body and the mind begin to protest fairly quickly and sometimes violently. Withdrawal symptoms ensue combined with often irresistible cravings for more alcohol or drugs. White-knuckling through this process is extremely difficult and can also be dangerous. Abrupt cessation of alcohol or drugs can lead to life-threatening symptoms. This is another reason why drug rehab treatment is extremely important. Most drug rehab centers are set up to help individuals safely detox from alcohol or drugs. While some may contract with hospitals or drug rehab clinics, others have their own state-licensed facilities.

SouthCoast Recovery in Dana Point, California, offers drug rehab treatment that includes alcohol and drug detoxification at their state-licensed detox facility. There are a few forms of detox available, including medical detox where a mild prescription is administered to help ease the body through withdrawal symptoms in as safe and comfortable a manner as possible. This process is medically supervised in a comfortable home environment. SouthCoast Recovery also offers NeuroTransmitter Restoration (NTR) therapy where individuals are administered a naturally-occurring amino-acid solution that bathes the brain’s neurotransmitter receptor sites, reducing cravings, easing withdrawal symptoms and jump-starting the recovery process.

Drug rehab treatment also helps sever psychological reliance on drugs and alcohol, a process that takes considerably longer. For more information on drug rehab treatment at SouthCoast Recovery and how we can you or a loved one recover from the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol, call us today. We have intake coordinators available 24/7 to take your phone call and answer any questions you may have about drug rehab treatment.


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