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Written on: March 20th, 2009 By:

Here are few warning signs which can be used addiction symptoms,


* Fatigue
* Red and gazed eyes
* Dilated pupils
* Poor eating and sleeping habits
* Appears dull and sleepy
* Repeated health complaints


* Sudden mood changes
* Irritability
* Irresponsible behaviour
* Poor judgment
* General lack of interest
* Withdrawing from family
* Secretiveness
* Sudden disregard for physical appearance
* Requests for money that are out of the ordinary S
* uicidal attempts
* Hyperactivity, rebelliousness and aggression
* Poor interpersonal relationships

School/college behavior:

* Negative attitude
* Giving up familiar activities such as sports, homework or hobbies
* Frequent absences
* Truancy
* Discipline problems
* Sudden change in attendance and quality of work or grades

Its best to go to drug rehab treatment center once you come across the warning signs.


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