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Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Written on: May 21st, 2009 By:

Drug Rehabilitation Programs

There are as many drug rehabilitation programs as there are drug rehabilitation centers. Most programs are facilitated according to the administration of the center and this is generally dictated by their own personal experience in recovery. Some stick with tried and true methods that have been around for decades while others adopt new and innovative techniques.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are complicated and this is why there are so many different drug rehabilitation programs instead of just one blueprint. While physicians and scientists have long been studying the predominant reasons for addiction, there is yet to be proven any definitive answer and there remains no cure. The only safe way to escape the grips of alcoholism and drug addiction is through abstinence.

While drug rehabilitation programs vary they are all designed to help an individual achieve abstinence. Addiction strikes everyone differently. The first hit of crack might cause one person to become instantly addicted and lose everything within a matter of months while the hard-drinking detective may be able to function for years before finally getting tripped up. No one approach works for everyone. Some people have a problem with 12-step programs while others seek out faith-based drug rehabilitation programs such as Celebrate Recovery. For this reason, the best programs are comprehensive.

SouthCoast Recovery offers specialized drug rehabilitation programs that are tailored to the individual. The basis of our program centers on healing the mind, body and spirit through clinical therapy, holistic treatments that address physical healing, and building a spiritual foundation through introduction to the 12-steps as well as alternative methods to developing faith in a power greater than oneself. Our professional staff members work with each client one-on-one to develop a treatment plan that addresses their individual needs on every level ‚Äď mind, body and spirit. This comprehensive approach allows our drug rehabilitation programs to excel where others fail. For more information, call us today. Professional assistance is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.


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