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Drug Rehabilitation

Written on: May 21st, 2009 By:

Drug Rehabilitation

Most individuals only seek drug rehabilitation as a last resort. If you think your loved one needs help, there are a few signs that can help you make this important and life-changing decision.

Someone who needs drug rehabilitation has generally let most other areas in their life slide in order to continue their drug habit. Sloppy personal appearance, weight loss or gain, poor attendance at school or work, decline in performance, inability to keep school, work or social commitments, showing up late or not at all, disinterest in usual activities, keeping lower companions, isolating from family and friends, trouble with the law – any of these can indicate an alcohol or drug abuse problem that is interfering with an individual’s ability to have a healthy, happy and functional life.

If you approach someone about their need for drug rehabilitation, you are likely to meet denial and resistance to the idea. Most people can’t see what others can see; in other words, that their alcohol or drug abuse is destroying their life. They may promise to quit and they may make good on that promise, for a short time. But eventually the withdrawal symptoms, cravings and the inability to change the patterns necessary will lead them back to drugs and it will be worse than ever. Drug rehabilitation is usually necessary to interrupt the cycle of alcoholism and drug addiction.

SouthCoast Recovery offers 30, 60, 90 day and 6 month drug rehabilitation in the scenic harbor town of Dana Point, California. Our program combines the finest medical care, clinical therapy and holistic processes into a residential inpatient program unlike any other in the Orange County area. SouthCoast Recovery offers more individual sessions with a clinical psychologist, drug and alcohol counselor, acupuncturist with a Masters in Oriental Medicine and a detoxification massage therapist than any other drug rehabilitation center in Orange County.
Most of our staff members have successfully recovered from alcoholism and drug addiction and have used their experience to continue higher education in the field of alcohol and drug studies. Drug rehabilitation at SouthCoast Recovery in Dana Point, California, offers the finest care and most specialized drug and alcohol treatment programs you will find not only in the southern California area, but the nation. For more information, call us today and see how you can begin the process to reclaiming the life you were born to live.


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