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Holistic Drug Rehab

Written on: May 22nd, 2009 By:

Holistic Drug Rehab

There’s a new trend in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction toward holistic drug rehab. The conventional approach to alcoholism and drug addiction is to physically detox someone and throw them into a 12-step program of support. After all, the co-founders of the 12-step program of recovery didn’t have holistic practitioners to support them through the recovery process. What is holistic drug rehab and how does it work?

Holistic refers to the treatment of the whole person, bringing the mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual dimensions into harmony. Holistic drug rehab combines various therapies such as acupuncture, massage, meditation and yoga to treat the individual on multiple levels and help bring mind, body and spirit into balance.

SouthCoast Recovery’s holistic drug rehab in Dana Point, California, pairs advanced medical care and clinical therapy with the essence of the great Eastern healing traditions. We view the mind and body as a garden¬† — organic, alive and continually growing if given the proper care. Clients at SouthCoast Recovery are introduced to the power of transcendental meditation, yoga, Swedish massage therapy and acupuncture, which serve to release stress and toxins while improving energy flow and concentration. Proper nutrition, daily exercise, restful sleep and visualization all contribute to improved health, balance and vitality. The result is a wholly renewed sense of self as clients begin to understand the inner connectivity of their mind, body and spirit.

At SouthCoast Recovery, our holistic drug rehab employs skilled practitioners skilled in the application of Swedish and detoxification massage, and a licensed acupuncturist with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and counselors certified in hypnotherapy and transcendental meditation. Application of these therapies combined with proper nutrition and physical exercise immediately begins the natural elimination of toxins while serving to increase energy flow through the body for restoration of optimal health.

The supporting belief of holistic drug rehab is that the first priority is the intention to heal the wound of origin, not put a band-aid over it. Clinical therapy and counseling helps uproot underlying problems and holistic therapies help the body process the anxiety and depression that can be associated with the emotional discomfort. The placebo effect has demonstrated time and again the power of the mind in creating sickness and disease in the body as well as overcoming it. Professionals who believe in your ability to heal yourself and provide you with the necessary support is vital to recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction. Our treatment team provides the necessary support you need for successful recovery.

SouthCoast Recovery offers holistic drug rehab in the harbor town of Dana Point, California. We offer 30, 60, 90 day and 6 month residential drug and alcohol treatment. For more information, call today.


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