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Narconon Rehabilitation

Written on: December 26th, 2008 By:

The implementation of the narconon program is done in residential treatment centers. The program is an in-patient drug rehab treatment program, in which students stay at the facility for the duration of the addiction treatment.

As a preliminary step in treatment the individual participate in a detoxification treatment program. The narconon programs uses the new life detoxification treatment. The detoxification program includes, exercise, sauna, and vitamin / mineral supplementation to assist in the detoxification and management of withdrawal symptoms. This process is highly supervised by trained medical and addiction treatment specialists.

After detoxification program enters the students in a series of intensive courses used to provide life skill training, and to assist students in finding personal values and strategies to maintain a drug free life.

The narconon program is not a “medical model” of drug rehab. It does not rely on the belief that substance dependence is a “disease of the brain”. This drug rehab program is based on the acceptance that addiction is a biochemical process, in which the body has been poisoned by substance abuse. It also perceives addiction as not a disease that needs to be treated with more drugs that act as substitutes or alternative drugs. The narconon program focus’s on behavioral approaches, the education, and providing of skills to assist an individual through daily life problems and disorders without depending on drugs or alcohol.


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