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Orthomolecular Drug Rehab Treatment

Written on: April 23rd, 2009 By:

Orthomolecular is a medicine which deals with rebalancing the bodies natural nutritional protocol. This is extremely important in treating drug and alcohol addiction as the body of the addicted individual has been robbed of its organic abilities to produce substances which themselves promote healing and wellness. This form of medicine is highly pertinent to the subject of drug and alcohol abuse recovery.

Please, Don’t prefer programs which do not touch upon addiction recovery using natural methods. Pharmaceutical quick-fixes are often chosen as a way out, but they can lead to multiple addictions instead of sobriety. Substance abuse occurs in an attempt to solve a problem. This problem is not solved through masking it with further anesthetizing drugs. Just as someone with scurvy would not be cured with Atavan or Prozac, drug addiction is not cured with prescription medications. Currently, there are 33 million people in the United States alone addicted to drugs or alcohol. Surely not every drug rehab facility is the same. When researching recovery programs, look for those which individually address physical health, emotional health and life skills. These are the foundation for permanent recovery and healing.


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