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Learning Disabilities and Substance Abuse

The first question that needs to be answered is, Is there actually a relationship between learning disabilities and substance abuse?¬† We can feel pretty confident in saying that there is.¬† What we don’t know is the precise relationship.¬† So now we need to tackle a more difficult set of problems in terms of dealing with the prevention of addiction and support for those struggling with addiction, that are also suffering from some type of learning disorder.

Learning Disabilities affect up to a reported 20 percent of American school age children–10.8 million of the 54 million such children.¬† Because the characteristics of learning disabled children–reduced self-esteem, academic difficulty, loneliness, depression and desire for social acceptance–closely mirror the risk factors for substance abuse, we need to consider action on two fronts:

First, as a matter of substance abuse prevention, it is imperative to identify learning disabilities in children as early as possible and to deal with them promptly.  By doing so, we will reduce the likelihood that such children will drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or abuse drugs, by also reducing the likelihood that such children will suffer lower self-esteem, social difficulties and poor academic performance which can hike the risk of substance abuse.

Second, children with learning disabilities who fall prey to substance abuse and addiction must receive treatment tailored to deal with both their problems.  At SouthCoast Recovery, our  innovative program for those who struggle with learning disabilities offers some of the most advanced drug and alcohol program materials on the mind, body and spirit connection in the field of recovery. Our goal is to provide those with learning disabilities an advantage in our alcohol and drug treatment program through the use of ipods for auditory learning, as well as, many other traditional and non-traditional methods for helping those with learning disabilities fight substance abuse.


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