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Prescription Drug Abuse Consequences

Written on: September 8th, 2008 By:

Most prescription drugs are physically addictive. To abruptly discontinue prescription medications could create a situation where you could immediately experience seizures or convulsions. It is for this reason that withdrawal from prescription medications should be gradual and under medical supervision. This is best accomplished in a residential treatment program to guard against any medical complications.

The discomfort associated with withdrawal from these medications is contingent upon the dose you are taking and the length of time you have been taking it. Some people take between 20 and 30 pills daily.

In addition to the physical addiction created by abusing prescription drugs, you may also experience deterioration in personal relationships, employment difficulties due to a lack of concentration and motivation, financial difficulties, legal problems, or psychological difficulties. Most of the people suffering from prescription drug abuse have experienced most of the above. So, I think prescription drug rehab is very important for living health life.


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