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Prescription Drug Abuse Effects

Written on: September 5th, 2008 By:

Prescription drug abuse may start out as taking appropriate medication for a legitimate medical problem, as described in Previous blogs. However, people have also been known to take prescription medication to deal with emotional problems. The only thing most of these medications do for emotional problems are “mask” or “numb” the actual feelings. Although you may not experience the feeling or focus on the problem at a particular moment, in most cases, the problem is just exasperated by not learning how to effectively cope with the particular issue.

Lastly, some people have been found to mix alcohol with prescription medications to accentuate the feeling of euphoria. This mixture is often referred to as a “cocktail.” What this creates is the potential for an overdose and should be avoided at all costs.

If you require additional information on prescription drug addiction treatment, and about the drug rehab, wait till next blog.


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