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Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

Written on: September 9th, 2008 By:

In the pervious blogs we have seen about the Prescription drug abuse Consequences, effects, etc. Today, we will see about the prescription drug rehab.

Due to the physical dependence created by prescription drug abuse, addiction treatment begins in a residential treatment facility. The initial phase of treatment is detox. It is here, under medical supervision, that the symptoms associated with withdrawal from prescription drugs are managed, reduced and sometimes eliminated. The average length of time spent in detox is approximately seven days. During this time, you will be monitored medically and any psychiatric or psychological issues will be assessed.

After you are medically stable, you are generally referred to residential treatment to complete the treatment plan designed in detox. By the time most people enter treatment for prescription drug addiction, they have created quite a bit of emotional damage to themselves and loved ones. It takes time to recover from shame, grief, guilt, and rebuild a level of trust amongst the family. Recovery in a supportive therapeutic environment eliminates many of the outside distractions and allows you to focus on issues relating to your recovery. The length of stay is approximately 20 days and may be followed by outpatient therapy.


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