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Posts tagged ‘teen addict’

Teenage Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Written on: May 13th, 2009 By:

Teenage Drug and Alcohol Abuse If you suspect your teenager is in the grip of drug and alcohol abuse, the time to get help is now before it gets worse. Sometimes people turn to drug and alcohol abuse during difficult times in their lives and then when things improve, they stop. Other times, drug and […]



Written on: May 1st, 2009 By:

Addiction Whether you struggle with alcoholism or drug addiction, you are fighting a disease that occurs on a three-part level. Addiction is an obsession of the mind, an allergy of the body and a spiritual malady. Addiction has to the power to rob you of relationships, family, career, health and sanity. Most people have to […]


The Story about “Dan” a teenage boy who’s been addicted to OxyContin for two years. And it all started when a co-worker offered her a quick fix for his headache. He was paying between $50 per pill, to the same co-worker. She then began embezzling from her workplace, Costco, to be able to afford the […]


Todays Teen – Addicted to Drugs!

Written on: March 10th, 2009 By:

The change in lifestyle has affected the lives of normal people to greater extent than before, Of course the change has lead many of us to get addicted to drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Not many find the best treatment at the right time. One could make use of the service of drug addiction treatment, to […]