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Addiction defined as Chronic!

Written on: March 12th, 2009 By:

Now a days addiction has been defined as a chronic,  brain disease that is treatable but not curable, yet there is no proof for such a statement.  This begs the question of “Who benefits?” from pushing this viewpoint on the American public?  The answer, you will ultimately find in many cases, is the individuals or companies that get paid the most money to keep it this way.  Today those groups include ineffective treatment centers who continually re-admit people into detox facilities and drug rehab programs; therapists and other doctors who now have a client for a lifetime (a built-in excuse not to actually help them overcome the problem permanently); and pharmaceutical companies.
The last one is probably the most disturbing, because many addiction treatment centers and counselors believe what their doing and saying is right, yet it is based on false statements.  Saying that addiction is “treatable” now days means there is a drug you can take for it to curb the symptoms.  These drugs generate billions of dollars – and not a single one can cure the problem.

Doesn’t it seem odd to anyone that prescription drugs are one of, if not the biggest, drug abuse problems in the country and doctors and treatment centers keep prescribing MORE drugs to addicts?  It’s actually common sense to see that it won’t solve the problem – and you don’t need a graduate degree to figure that one out!

Our intention is to actually help people, not give them a quick fix that not only doesn’t last but can actually make them worse!  Find out what effective drug rehab centers consist of and how you or someone you know can put addiction behing them forever.


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