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Depression Treatment Track

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DepressionWhat has Depression done to your life? Are you in pain, overwhelmed, out-of-control?

“I wish I wouldn’t wake up tomorrow.” “There is nothing in my life worth anything anymore.” “I simply can’t enjoy all the things I used to love so much, I can’t enjoy anything.” “I’m exhausted all the time, and can barely get out of bed.” “I can’t sleep, and when I do, it is so fitful I never feel rested.” “Nothing tastes good to me, I could stop eating forever.” “Sometimes I see things or hear things that aren’t there, and I think I might be crazy.” “Why bother?” “Why care?” “Why live?”

If any of these questions sound familiar, you may be one of the tens of millions of people suffering from clinical depression. Usually described as feeling sad and not knowing why, or feeling afraid and not knowing what you are afraid of, clinical depression is so difficult to work with, it feels hopeless. If you are feeling helpless and hopeless about your depression or anxiety, read on. We have some answers for you.


1. Anhedonia – Unable to feel joy or happiness doing things that used to make you joyous or happy, or would make most people joyous or happy.

2. Sleeping Disturbance – Lying awake longer than fifteen minutes before falling asleep. Awakening more than once per night. Having vivid nightmares or night terrors. Never feeling really rested. Any of these can be a sleep disturbance.

3. Eating Disturbance – Anorexia or bulimia, binging, purging, loss of appetite, skipping meals without planning to, eating the same exact things day after day, all are considered an eating disturbance.

4. Decreased Energy – Not enough energy to get through the day with reasonable plans you have made, waking up exhausted or tired, too difficult to get out of bed, having less energy than most of your peers, all can be evidence of decreased energy.

5. Difficulties Concentrating or Thinking

6. Feelings of Guilt or Worthlessness – Nothing you do is good enough, ashamed of how little you accomplish or what you are doing.

7. Psychomotor Retardation or Agitation – Feeling “out of sync” with the world, as if you are moving too slow, the world is moving too fast, or vice versa.

8. Thoughts of Suicide – Including self-destructive acts like cutting or burning, wishing you would fall asleep and never wake up, passing thoughts of dying.

9. Hallucinations, Delusions or Paranoia. Seeing or hearing things that are not there, believing you are somebody or somewhere you are not, believing that other people are plotting against you, or planning to hurt you.

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Depression Help Requires Special Therapy

Depression is anger turned inward. In the vast number of cases, depression can most effectively be treated by turning the depression back into anger and letting the anger go. This does not mean anger management. If the goal is to manage anger rather than release it, then managing anger may actually cause depression as again, depression is anger turned inward. The goal of counseling or therapy is to uncover the reasons for the depression (where the anger came from) and eliminate that anger. This is a specialized skill.

Our clinical therapist and counselors at Southcoast Recovery provide a safe, supportive environment that encourages the release of anger in a non-threatening manner. There are a variety of ways to do this. Again, the goal is not to manage the anger but to release it completely. We believe that people are born with the drive to be the best they can be and if nothing traumatic impeded that growth (such as verbal, physical or sexual abuse), people would achieve this vision. However, over 90% of people have either experienced or witnessed circumstances issues that have a negative impact on their growth.

Our subconscious mind is the main operating system in our brain, and it stores everything that has ever happened. Your subconscious has the answers you need to heal and all that is required is your asking what events need to be processed. This may sound rather mysterious but in fact, it is quite simple and doesn’t even have to involve hypnosis. It’s simply a matter of addressing that which you’ve been avoiding.

The memories may be frightening but whatever happened in your life, you lived through it and you can live through the memories in order to process the anger and the pain. Therapy is not as complicated as most people would believe. The risk comes in allowing yourself to remember, feel and release the hurt while in competent hands. It is not enough to remember abuse, because that merely re-traumatizes the client. Instead, the abuse is remembered and the feelings processed as often as necessary with resultant drops in depression. Subsequently, the depression lifts and a sense of relief and happiness returns.

Happiness is being content with who you are and what you are doing most of the time. This is not possible while holding onto anger, hurt and fear. The role of the clinical therapist and counselors at Southcoast Recovery is to help you release these painful emotions in a safe, supportive environment.

If you look at a scale of mental health with suicide at the bottom and happiness at the top, there are certain stages that have to be moved through. The first stage above suicide is depression, which can be severe enough to result in suicidal thoughts even if the client has no intent to act on them. Depression is a general sense of feeling awful without knowing why. Next on the scale is sadness, which is feeling awful and knowing why because memories are no longer repressed. The next stage toward happiness is rage, which is a general heightened sense of anger without knowing why. Anger is next, where you are angry and you understand why. Finally, when that anger is relieved the result is happiness.

Obviously, if you are moving up the scale towards happiness instead of down towards suicide, the risk of suicide becomes less and less an issue. Once the rage and anger is reached, suicide is no longer an option because hope has replaced helplessness.

Unfortunately, there are not many affordable treatment centers available to treat and cure depression on a comprehensive level. Generally, depressed people feel awful, become suicidal and are sent to a hospital. The majority of hospitals are not set up for treatment, only symptom relief. Therefore, you are medicated until you are unable to think about suicide or anything else, and then released. This service costs thousands of dollars a day but it does not really treat the root of depression, only applies a band aide.

At Southcoast Recovery, our goal is to treat and cure the depression, not with a medication regime but with therapy to address and release the anger and hurt. This is done through individual clinical sessions and group therapy in a safe setting, where cure of depression is the goal. The environment is uplifting, comforting and supportive. Depression treatment can extend longer than in a psychiatric hospital (usually one to three months), but you leave free from depression rather than with a handful of anti-depressant prescriptions that mask the symptoms.

At Southcoast Recovery, we focus on the problem – depression – rather than medicating you into a tolerable state. The goal is always to find happiness. If not, why bother? At Southcoast Recovery Depression treatment, we understand the pain and suffering that can make it tough to get help from Depression. Depression can cause people to be dangerous to themselves or others if not properly cared for. You don’t have to suffer. Our highly trained and skilled staff members can help you release your emotional pain in a safe environment and find lasting happiness, maybe for the first time in your life.

Individual Attention & Depression Therapy

We offer treatment that addresses the root cause of depression and in most circumstances, not just a reduction in your symptoms but an end to depression. We do this by addressing the unresolved anger that causes depression. We have medical doctors who can offer medications during the process but our goal is to end the depression rather than to find the best anti-depressant.

Next, we offer treatment that is reasonable in cost as opposed to hospitals where the costs are prohibitive. You will find that the cost per month is far lower than the cost for a week at a hospital. In addition we offer a cure, not medications.

Our facilities are comfortable, modern residential homes in the scenic harbor town of Dana Point, California, where you reside with other residents who have similar problems. Contact with other residents is one of the most beneficial of all the treatment modalities we offer. Individual clinical therapy, group support, education and 12-step principles for depression all work together to heal the root cause of your depression.

In addition, our staff members are highly trained to recognize and treat depression. Our clinical therapist has 44 years of experience treating underlying issues that cause or contribute to depression. Staff members are hired both for their professional skills and their ability to demonstrate love and compassion. We are indeed a love-based program!

The Depression Treatment procedure is a full day, every day, of addressing the root cause of your depression in the shortest possible time. It is our experience that resolving depression does not take a long time, but it is painful to process the memories that may have caused you depression. Therapy can be painful, but from the start you will see progress and know that you are moving toward a life free of pain sooner than you thought possible.

Southcoast Recovery offers the finest clinical therapy for depression available. In addition, we offer advanced holistic treatments of massage, acupuncture and herbal remedies that have been proven to help relieve the symptoms of depression and raise serotonin levels naturally. Our Depression Treatment is comprehensive, effective and affordable. We offer 30, 60, 90 day programs and 6 month residential treatment. This prepares our clients for long-term success in beating Depression, allowing our program to excel where others fail.

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Depression Treatment Services/Options:

Your day will be full. You will attend daily twelve step meetings, daily therapy group session with other clients with similar problems. You will have homework to complete which helps process the move towards happiness. You will have twice weekly individual therapy sessions with trained professionals, including at least one hour with our psychologist. You will have recreation including gym privileges every day. You will have acupuncture and full body massages at least once a week, at no additional fee. You will see movies and other multimedia activities to keep you from being bored. Again, you interrelationships with other housemates is always valuable, regardless of how shy you may be. It is busy, and for depressed people that is somewhat scary at first, but the progress you will feel will offset your lethargy.

The average length of treatment is about forty-five days. Some clients finish within the thirty-day first phase, while others require up to three months. There is no fixed time limit, though an initial thirty-day commitment is required.

• Intervention services

• Physical health evaluation

• Medically-supervised, social model and holistic detox options

• Medication to help with cravings, pain and sleep

• Continued physical care throughout recovery

• Psychological evaluation for dual diagnosis of problems such as depression and anxiety, which may be underlying causes that could leave to substance abuse

• Individual psychological treatment

• Individual counseling

• Family counseling

• Hypnotherapy

• Depression education

• Health and wellness education

• Denial management

• Relapse prevention

• Anger management

• Acupuncture for pain management, stress reduction and decreased cravings

• Detoxification massage therapy

• Meditation for stress reduction, a calmer mind, reduced cravings and clarity

• Fitness sessions at gym (24-Hour Fitness)

• Integration of 12-step principles and Narcotics Anonymous meetings

• Structure, guidance and practice for long-term sobriety

Millions of people suffer from clinical depression that robs them of the ability to feel pleasure from normal life activities. While a small percentage of the population suffers from a chemical imbalance in the brain, the majority suffer from situational depression as a result of events in their lives.

The goal of our program is not just to resolve depression, although that is significant. The main goal is for you to leave Southcoast Recovery with a sense of happiness and hope. Happiness means to us that you feel content with who you are and what you are doing most of the time. Everyone has off days. Our goal is to resolve your depression and/or anxiety while at the same time provide you with goals and plans in order to find genuine happiness. Depression is especially painful as it seems it will last forever. We will help you find out why you are depressed and deal with those issues so you can experience the happiness you’ve been looking for!

At Southcoast Recovery, our goal is to help you release the anger created by repressed or traumatic events while at the same time assist you in setting goals toward a life that will bring you genuine, lasting happiness.

Depression is almost always anger turned inward. This can be caused by a variety of events, including childhood memories, abuse, trauma, interpersonal relationships and life disappointments. We provide a safe environment where you can address underlying issues in process groups and individual therapy sessions under the guidance of qualified counselors and our clinical psychologist. Psychotherapy is accompanied by advanced holistic healing therapies such as meditation, acupuncture and massage to naturally stimulate the body’s mood enhancers. Our highly trained staff members all work together to help you release old patterns and emotions that are contributing to your depression and set new exciting goals that propel you toward the life you desire. You don’t have to suffer alone in the darkness of depression anymore. We can help.

"Without a dream a person has no purpose Without a purpose an individual has no goals, Without a goal to strive toward, a life has no direction. Having a dream and working toward that dream gives one’s life a goal, a destination, a purpose and best of all – meaning.”

Dennis Larkin, Founder