Drug Rehab Aftercare

SouthCoast Recovery offers Aftercare for continued support as you ease back into your life after our 30, 60 or 90-day drug rehab program. This is a critical time in your sobriety when the potential for relapse is greatest. We maintain an open-door policy for SouthCoast alumni and encourage continued counseling in order to ensure a successful transition from drug rehab back into the community.

Most of our staff members have made a similar journey to recovery and understand the difficult adjustment necessary from the safe environment of drug rehab to a new, sober life. SouthCoast Recovery supports a successful recovery with our Green-level transitional program, outpatient treatment, a continuing relationship with your assigned drug and alcohol counselor and 12-step outreach programs.

Drug Rehab Aftercare Defined

Once you leave the safe environment of our drug rehab center, maintaining your sobriety in response to life situations can be difficult. Aftercare offers a safety net during a critical time when clients must transition back into the normal activities of life following their stay at our drug rehab center. Counselors help with basic life management issues involving decisions in living arrangements, employment, relationships and continued skill-building in maintaining sobriety. SouthCoast Recovery offers continued education and support every step of the way so you don't have to go back out into the world alone.

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The Importance of Drug Rehab Aftercare

Learning how to apply the tools you learned in sobriety in the face of life's daily pressures can be overwhelming. The natural response for a newly sober individual is to reach for a drink or a drug to cope or feel better. During Aftercare, the skills learned during drug rehab are put into practical application in the real world with the continued support from a drug & alcohol counselor. Continuing treatment once you leave drug rehab helps ensure you maintain the recovery lifestyle you experienced during your time in our program. SouthCoast Recovery offers Aftercare and a more supportive level of care in our transitional Green Level program.

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Options for Drug Rehab Aftercare

Our Aftercare takes into account the varying needs of our clients. Many people have the responsibilities of work, school or childcare and need a flexible schedule that can accommodate their needs. SouthCoast Recovery offers a variety of Aftercare options following drug rehab, including:

  • Day or evening outpatient care
  • Continuing education in relapse prevention
  • Drug & alcohol counseling
  • Support groups
  • Green Level transitional living
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    SouthCoast Recovery's Drug Rehab Aftercare

    The SouthCoast Recovery Wellness Center is a warm, inviting place located in the upscale beach community of Dana Point, California, nestled between Laguna Beach and Capo Beach. We are licensed by the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs to ensure quality care, housing standards and proper certification.

    We have 37 professional staff members dedicated to ensuring you receive the highest level of care and individualized attention. We maintain a ratio of 1:2, one staff member for every two clients. Our certified drug and addiction counselors are all members of CAADE, California Association for Alcohol and Drug Educators, which offers certification for California practitioners who ensure quality education in the treatment of addiction. In addition, we have a clinical psychologist on staff who has over 43 years experience in dual diagnosis (also known as co-curring disorders).

    We are committed to providing a safe, positive environment where you can safely release emotional issues through holistic therapy and the guidance of qualified counselors. We offer one-on-one therapy, drug & alcohol counseling, educational and innovative workshops, group processing and holistic healing methods within a 12-step model, the most recognized model for success in recovery.

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    Aftercare - Green Level Transitional Living

    SouthCoast Recovery offers a transitional level for smoother acclimation back into society that few treatment programs can match. This is not merely sober living. Our experiential program allows you to progress from initial sobriety back into the community with the continued supportive environment of SouthCoast Recovery and the skills of an assigned drug and alcohol counselor.

    This is therapy through experience. As a green-level client, you’re able to put the life skills learned at drug rehab into practical application with professional assistance. You’ll continue to live in the safe, structured environment of a SouthCoast Recovery home and play a vital role in our recovery community. We require you to actively seek employment, continue education or volunteer in the community as well as attend 12-step meetings on a daily basis. Learning the local transportation schedule, buying a vehicle, beginning a new job, college-level exams – all of these situations can create anxiety and stress that is difficult for a you to handle newly sober. You’ll meet with your peers for process and discussion groups twice a week to discuss current obstacles or frustrations and how to handle them. In addition, you’ll meet with an assigned counselor twice a week for one-on-one counseling and house dinners.

    At SouthCoast Recovery, we will work with you to develop an Aftercare program following your drug rehab treatment that fits your needs. Now that you're sober, we want to help you stay sober.

    Call us at 1-866-847-4506 – professional assistance is available 24/7.

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