Executive Drug Rehab Centers

Executive and Drug Rehab aren't phrases often heard together. Unlike celebrities, the executive's struggle with alcohol or drug addiction is likely to be much more private. The most telling signs include strained interpersonal relations with family and a decline in work performance, which may start gradually and fall off sharply.

Executives may initially drink socially at business meetings and gatherings and then find their alcohol consumption escalating beyond what's considered acceptable. High work performance demands may spur executives to turn to cocaine, speed or other uppers in order to meet these demands. Because executives don't fit the stereotypical drug addiction image of a homeless person or a person of shady character, the problem may not be addressed for a long time. Shame and denial work together to prevent the executive from admitting there may be a problem with alcohol or drug addiction and a need for drug rehab.

SouthCoast Recovery recognizes the varying needs of executives who need drug rehab. We tailor our drug rehab program to each individual's needs, addressing drug addiction through a combination of clinical therapy, holistic treatments and 12-step modalities.

The Difference in Executive Drug Rehab Centers

It's par for the course for hard working executives to have a few drinks over a round of golf while discussing business or relax after a long day at the office over happy hour with co-workers. Most business deals are done outside of the office and this makes for an environment conducive to social drinking. The expectation of high performance especially in today's economy can lead to an increase in drinking to relieve the pressure or turning to uppers to meet performance levels. Eventually, alcohol or drug usage becomes a daily routine that gradually begins to interfere with work performance until it becomes drug addiction. An executive drug rehab center understands that the pressure that caused an executive to drink or use in the first place will most likely still exist following drug rehab. An executive drug rehab will help people who operate in high performance jobs learn how to handle the pressure without turning to alcohol or drugs for relief.

SouthCoast Recovery offers individualized clinical therapy to help high performance executives work through underlying issues that may have contributed to behaviors that led to alcohol or drug addiction. In addition, holistic therapy and the benefits of regular physical exercise during drug rehab introduces executives to an alternative way to relieve stress and relax from work pressures. The combination of clinical therapy and holistic treatments work together to help executives relieve the overall high performance stress in their lives in a healthy manner.

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Do You Need an Executive Drug Rehab?

Executives make high powered business decisions every day for the benefit of their company but don't always make the best decisions for themselves. The major symptom of alcoholism and drug addiction is denial and it often takes others to see what the executive may not see or be willing to see. Quite often with the executive it is the concern of co-workers or upper management that finally bring alcohol or drug addiction to his or her attention. If alcohol or drug usage has ever interfered with your ability to meet deadlines, obtain or retain clients, close a business deal or has affected your reputation with your associates, it's highly likely that alcohol or drug addiction is a problem. If you find that you cannot function normally without alcohol or drugs, then you need to seriously consider executive drug rehab.

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SouthCoast Recovery offers Executive Drug Rehab

SouthCoast Recovery offers seven residential homes and one executive home in the upscale community of Dana Point, California. We offer individualized treatment plans that include individual clinical therapy and holistic treatments with our specialists to address your ability to handle the stress and pressures associated with a high performance life. Don't let the stigma of drug rehab keep you from having the life you've worked so hard for.

Call us at 1-866-847-4506 – professional assistance is available 24/7.

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