Men's Drug Rehab

Men and women have different needs, even when it comes to drug rehab. Whereas women are more comfortable expressing their feelings, societal expectations have always dictated when it's “okay” for a man to express his feelings. When a quarterback is tackled so hard he has to be carried off the field, does he cry? Or how about a goalie who takes a puck in the face?

Using alcohol or drugs to stuff down emotional pain is very common for men and over time, can lead to alcoholism or drug addiction. This type of conditioning eventually cuts men off from their natural emotions. Men need a drug rehab that helps them work through this conditioning.

Individual Aspects of Drug Rehab Treatment for Men

Emotions are energy. For men, continually suppressing emotions leads to physical ailments, such as high blood pressure, ulcers, anxiety and depression. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a direct by-product of suppressing emotions over time. Many people who struggle with alcoholism or drug addiction also have dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders; that is, the presence of an underlying psychological imbalance that may provoke alcoholism or drug addiction in the act of self-medicating. Handling any type of emotional situation in early sobriety can be extremely uncomfortable. The death of a loved one, handling a relationship break-up or establishing new ones can lead men right back into alcoholism or drug addiction to ease the pain.

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Personalized Drug Rehab Treatment for Men

At SouthCoast Recovery, we offer men the supportive drug rehab environment needed to process emotions without judgment. You’ll meet with our clinical therapist and an assigned drug and alcohol counselor on an individual basis, as well as process and discussion groups twice a week to discuss mens’ topics, current obstacles or frustrations and how to handle them in a healthy manner. We show you how expressing emotions can be a great strength, not a weakness.

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SouthCoast Recovery offers Drug Rehab Treatment for Men

SouthCoast Recovery offers a state-licensed facility in the upscale beach community of Dana Point, California. Our highly qualified staff has over 100 years combined experience treating alcoholism and drug addiction. SouthCoast Recovery's drug rehab center offers a supportive environment where men can share experience, strength and hope without judgment. We incorporate an overall healing model of mind, body and spirit for men with individualized clinical therapy, advanced holistic healing techniques, innovative workshops and peer support. Professional assistance is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions that you may have about our drug rehab program for men.

Call us at 1-866-847-4506 – professional assistance is available 24/7.

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