Why Standardized Drug Rehab Programs are not the Best

Drug addiction results as a combination of factors. Some people fall into the wrong circles and use drugs as a way to belong, others use drugs to numb their feelings, to escape, to make the difficulties and worries of reality seem more bearable. The length, history and severity of an individual's drug history factors into the choice in drug rehab programs and why standardized drug rehab programs are not the best. Standardized drug programs typically offer a program that works on a one size fits all basis. The contributing factors to drug addiction makes a standardized drug rehab program less effective than those that offer more comprehensive, specialized treatment.

SouthCoast Recovery's drug rehab program is not standardized. Instead, SouthCoast offers a drug rehab program tailored to you. Qualified therapists, drug and alcohol counselors and skilled holistic professionals work together to treat each person on an individual level based on his or her clinical evaluation. This evaluation takes into account family dynamics, drug and alcohol history, health condition and issues, and any potential underlying chemical imbalance that could be contributing to alcohol or drug abuse. From this a personalized plan for recovery is developed for each individual, contributing to more effective treatment as it directly meets the needs of the client.

What’s NOT Included in a Standardized Drug Rehab Program

When a client checks into SouthCoast Recovery's drug rehab center, he or she receives an individual treatment plan based on a personal evaluation. A standardized drug rehab program may address drug use history and specific health conditions as a result of alcohol and drug abuse, but it's unlikely that there will be a full scale clinical evaluation that determines underlying issues contributing to addiction and how best to treat it.

SouthCoast Recovery is an example of a drug rehab that does not offer a standardized drug rehab program but rather, a comprehensive and specialized plan tailored to each individual. Some of the unique features and treatment therapies offered that are not likely to be included in a standardized drug rehab program include: Psychological evaluation, disease model of addiction, innovative workshops on recent discoveries of mind, body and spirit connection, physical fitness plans, hypnotherapy, anger management, health and wellness education, 12 step program access vs. recquired attendence, detoxification massage therapy, acupuncture, meditation, counseling, clinical therapy and intervention services. SouthCoast helps people recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For this purpose, SouthCoast Recovery offers a combination of holistic therapies in addition to clinical treatment, including meditation, acupuncture, detoxification massage and Chinese herbal medicines. Very little of the benefits mention can be found in a standardized drug rehab programs. If you are looking for a program that will fit your individual needs, choose a drug rehab program that is comprehensive, effective and offers individualized attention.

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Why Go to SouthCoast Recovery's Drug Rehab Program?

SouthCoast Recovery not only develops individual recovery plans for each client but also helps each client plan future goals for a successful, happy life beyond drug rehab. SouthCoast offers innovative workshops to help individuals determine their values and goals in order to have a focus upon leaving drug rehab. If an individual doesn't feel he or she is ready to leave and make the transition back into the community, staff members will work help work through individual fears. The client may need more one-on-one sessions with our clinical therapist, assigned drug and alcohol counselor or simply just needs more time in a safe, controlled environment. If there are difficulties involving family members or loved ones and an individual isn't sure where to go after drug rehab, staff members may pull these members into counseling in order to ensure the client does return to a safe environment or may simply help devise a new plan. SouthCoast Recovery operates as a safe, family environment who wants their clients to succeed, regardless of what it takes. Drug rehab programs are available for 30, 60, 90 days and 6 month residential stays although this time can be extended as needed to ensure an individual is ready to get back on their feet and integrate back into society.

Life after Drug Rehab at SouthCoast Recovery

Once you have completed SouthCoast Recovery's drug rehab program, staff members will continue to help you get through another difficult stage, which is transitioning back to reality. At SouthCoast Recovery you will be surrounded by positive role models and the support of others who are trying to get sober and stay sober just like you. Once you are outside, these protective barriers are gone and you must learn how to handle life on life's terms. SouthCoast Recovery's goal is to have specialized programs during your stay that you acquire skills from in order to implement them on the outside. For example, meditation helps individuals be in more conscious contact with their innate selves, see with clarity and calmly handle a situation that may have seemed impossible before drug rehab. Every time a client encounters a difficult situation and is able to utilize tools taught by SouthCoast , that new pattern becomes stronger and stronger. When you make the choice to go to drug rehab, realize that there are much better options available than standardized drug rehab programs. SouthCoast Recovery gives you individual, effective and comprehensive treatment that provides healing on the levels of mind, body and spirit. Every individual is different and at SouthCoast Recovery, the staff members recognize and embrace your individuality with a program tailored to you.

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