What Drug Rehab Centers Do

A simple but crucial question that people need to ask is, “What do drug rehab centers do? Why do we send our loved ones to these facilities? What does a drug rehab do that one cannot do in the privacy of their own home?” Yes, drug rehab offers a clean and controlled environment where drugs and negative influences are not permitted. But how does this differ from one’s parents locking their child in his room for a month?

A drug rehab facility offers medical care, professional assistance and supervision around the clock. Clinical therapists work with holistic practitioners to diagnose any underlying chemical disorders, issues or discomforts that can be contributing to alcohol and drug abuse. Individual programs are then devised based on these findings to determine the best track of recovery for each individual. Drug rehab facilities also offer a variety of different therapies and treatments which one cannot receive by just going cold turkey, which is extremely dangerous. Becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol is rarely about the actual drug. The problem lies much deeper. So although it may not be necessary to go to a drug rehab facility to physically get off the drug, this will never solve the real reason why a person becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol, leading to an inevitable relapse later in time.

What Do Drug Rehab Centers Have to Offer?

Many drug rehab centers understand that different methods of therapy work better for different individuals. Drug rehab centers like SouthCoast Recovery offer a variety of different therapies in the event that one method will work if another does not. Treatments that SouthCoast has to offer include the following: intervention services, physical fitness plans, hypnotherapy, drug addiction education, innovative workshops on the discoveries of mind, body and spirit connection, anger management, health and wellness education, 12 step program access, detoxification massage therapy, acupuncture, meditation, counseling, psychological evaluation and treatment, physical health evaluations and Chinese herbal medicines. With such an ample variety of therapies SouthCoast Recovery ensures its clients will receive adequate healing not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually which is very crucial during such a delicate time in recovery.

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Drug Rehab and AfterCare at SouthCoast

Another valuable benefit that drug rehabs offer is an Aftercare program. Although a client's stay will end after a defined period of time at a drug rehab, this does not mean that the client is all alone. On the contrary, by the end of Inpatient stay at drug rehab, the client has made allegiances with others in recovery, role models and peers, during their stay at the drug rehab facility. Once he or she is released, there is the benefit of an Aftercare program for structure as well as people to turn to for support or further counseling. Professionals at the drug rehab center also work with the client to ensure he or she has a relapse prevention plan in place prior to release. Most staff members employed at drug rehabs have made the journey to recovery and are well aware of the dangers and how to help clients develop a plan to avoid them. This proves to be a very valuable asset for those who attend drug rehab and information that only a drug rehab facility is able to provide to its patients.

SouthCoast Recovery also offers a transitional Green-level program that goes beyond the sober living standard with continued counseling and continuing education and career resources offered. More benefits include an open-door policy where clients can continue to receive drug and alcohol counseling, and a 12-step outreach program. These Aftercare programs are important because they help ease clients from the controlled environment of inpatient drug rehab back into the community with continued support from drug and alcohol professionals. For those who truly want to recover from drug addiction, attending a drug rehab facility such as SouthCoast Recovery is the answer. SouthCoast Recovery has intake coordinators available to take your call on a 24/7 basis. When you call, you'll speak to a live person who will be glad to answer any further questions you have about getting sober at SouthCoast Recovery. Call today!

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