Making a Difference

Your recovery can make a difference not only in your own life and in the lives of those you care about, but also in the life of the community at large. Alcohol and drugs are a factor in the majority of auto accidents, drownings, and violent and nonviolent crimes. They contribute to child and spouse abuse, broken families, and broken lives. The illness and other mayhem they cause is responsible for the drain of billions of dollars of public funds, funds that could be put to better use. What you can do to turn this situation around if you are inclined to help is spelled out late in our program.

Some people succeed in getting sober but spend the rest of their lives being miserable. Our program can help you avoid their mistakes. We don't promise that it will make your life perfect - nobody's life is. You'll still have problems - everybody does, it's part of being human. But following the basic tenets of recovery can improve the way you cope. And, that, ultimately, can bring happiness to you and to those you love.

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