Morningside Recovery

Newport Beach, California

In early 2011, Southcoast Recovery of Dana Point, California met unsurmountable financial difficulties and was, sadly, forced to shutdown and no longer could provide services to struggling addicts, alcoholics, and dual-diagnosis patients. Having worked closely with Southcoast Recovery throughout the years, Morningside Recovery of Newport Beach, California made every effort to work with and assist in appropriate placement of clients during the shutdown, providing scholarships, if necessary, to ensure continuum of care. As a result of this relationship and transition, Morningside Recovery decided to make sure Southcoast's phone lines remained open so patients and their loved ones would not reach a dead end when discovering this site. Morningside's admissions counselors have continued to this day to take calls and inquiries from the Southcoast website and assist patients in finding appropriate, life changing care. Located just 25 minutes north of the previous Southcoast facilities, Morningside's reputation, superior clinical staff, and commitment to their and Southcoast's clients made them the obvious choice to continue Southcoast's mission. To learn more about Morningide Recovery you can call 1-866-742-4143, go to the Morningside Recovery website, read Morningside Recovery Reviews, or read more below.

More About Morningside Recovery:

Morningside Recovery was founded over a decade ago, when long term extended care treatment was nearly unheard of. The twenty-eight day Hazelden 12-step model of treatment was the norm and extra or supportive services were non-existent. Morningside wanted to change how the treatment industry, families, and communities view and treat those suffering from addiction and/or mental health issues, and has grown over the past 10 years to include a variety of facilities and levels of care that rival the top facilities in the world. Morningside’s clinical staff composed of licensed therapists, psychologist, doctors, psychiatrists, and other caring individuals is second to none. Morningside is constantly working in new treatment modalities and is up to date on the latest addiction and dual-diagnosis research. They also have a highly regarded specialized opiate addiction recovery program that has had incredible success with the high risk opiate dependent population. To learn more about the treatment approaches that lead to the long-term success of Morningside Recovery clients you can call 1-866-742-4143 or visit

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