Kelsey Grammer in "Swing Vote", Proof that One Decision Can Turn Your Life Around


The staff of Southern California's SouthCoast Recovery have faced addiction head on and agree that Kelsey Grammer's appearance in the new hit film, "Swing Vote" is evidence that overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is possible at any age.

DANA POINT, CALIFORNIA, July 25, 2008 -- When “Swing Vote" hits theatres late July, there will be one familiar face in the cast who personally knows how it feels when everything in your life boils down to one decision that will forever change your destiny – Kelsey Grammer.

Best known for his portrayal of the intellectually superior Dr. Fraiser Krane in the 1980s “Cheers” sitcom and later in the spin-off “Fraiser”, Kelsey Grammer was once the poster child for alcoholism and cocaine abuse. In spite of his fame on “Cheers”, the late 1980s found him in near meltdown. He was arrested for a DUI in 1987 shortly after finishing an alcohol and drug rehab program, and then a year later he spent 11 days in prison for cocaine possession. It would be another 10 years before Kelsey Grammer got the wake-up call he needed when he crashed his car, again under the influence. In 1997, he checked into an drug and alcohol rehab center and has been sober ever since.

Alcohol and drug abuse is merely symptomatic of underlying issues and often those issues involve traumatic events, memories or chemical imbalance. For Kelsey Grammer, a series of tragic deaths in his family in close succession may well have been the tipping point from casual alcohol and drug use into dependency. For most people struggling with addiction, genetic propensity or the addictive properties of the drug itself may contribute to drug or alcohol abuse but are not solely responsible for it. In general it is an unwillingness to deal with the pain and difficulties of life on life’s terms that lead to a need for escape, and all too often that escape is through the destructive properties of alcohol or drugs.

SouthCoast Recovery is a leading alcohol and drug rehab center based in Southern, California, that offers specialized 30, 60, 90-day and 6 month residential treatment programs for those struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. Clients stay at one of eight beautiful homes in south Orange County while attending intensive one-on-one sessions in clinical therapy, drug & alcohol counseling, group therapy and educational workshops to address underlying issues that may be contributing to alcohol or drug abuse. Advanced holistic therapies including acupuncture and massage are applied to assist in the overall healing process.

Kelsey Grammer has admitted that he first picked up alcohol at the age of nine and was drinking frequently through his teenage years. He is an incredible example that neither age nor fame is a deterrent to the devastating effects of addiction, and his ability to overcome is a testament to the human spirit and the professionals in the field of recovery.

Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction isn’t easy, but it is possible and a majority of the staff members at SouthCoast Recovery have made the journey from alcohol and drug addiction to freedom. Their experience now becomes your hope. It only takes one decision today that will change your life forever.

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