Where Are You Now?

We don't know whose eyes are reading this page but we know you are looking for hope, either for yourself or a loved one. You’ll find it here at SouthCoast Recovery. The majority of our staff members have successfully made the journey to recovery and we know how to help you do the same.

Our program is tailored to you – the individual. We don’t subscribe to the one-size-fits-all theory in alcohol and drug treatment because there are too many variables involved. Genetics, family dynamics, emotional trauma, chemical imbalance – all contribute to alcohol and drug addiction and all need to be addressed on an individual level for treatment to be effective.

It doesn’t matter whether this is your first or fifth time in treatment or whether you relapsed after years of sobriety, that feeling of hopelessness is the same. You swear you’re not going to have a drink or a hit but that restlessness and those cravings overpower you. We know – many of us have been there.

At SouthCoast Recovery, we offer you the experience and wisdom we’ve gained by overcoming addiction and successfully treating thousands of people over the course of 15 years. We continually search for new discoveries in the treatment field that incorporate the healing power of mind, body and spirit into a comprehensive program for you. It’s all here – Clinical therapy, massage, acupuncture, herbal remedies, innovative workshops and education, group support and the realization that you can have fun without drugs and alcohol. We offer hope. We offer an end to the pain and suffering addiction creates for you and your loved ones. And as long as you are willing to take one step toward us, we’ll help you walk the path to a new life for as long as it takes for you to succeed in sobriety.

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