Why Choose South Coast Recovery Alcohol and Drug Rehab

California Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers, Drug Rehab CA , Affordable Drug Abuse Treatment

People arrive at our alcohol treatment and drug rehab facility with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We believe in helping those who reach out for help with drug or alcohol addiction to have a solid foundation in recovery before moving on to their own lives. We offer services in our six residential facilities. Four are co-ed and we have two gender-specific residential treatment homes. Our residential treatment program offers men and women the opportunity to live in a realistic family environment while learning to deal with life in healthy ways. They attend groups, 12-step meetings, work with counselors one-on-one, meet with our psychologist, learn fellowship with the other residents, and learn how to live a life without alcohol and drugs. Our residents are housed with age-appropriate peers, utilize a buddy system to encourage fellowship and social skills and are supervised by a professional staff. Each person’s treatment plan is designed and tailored to meet their goals. We include a specific course of treatment and make recommendations on a person’s length of stay. We stress individualized attention!!

California Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers, Drug Rehab CA , Affordable Drug Abuse Treatment

  • South Coast provides a residential primary treatment program in Dana Point, South Orange County, California

  • We have a State licensed highly structured program with a world class staff

  • We offer 30, 60 and 90 day residential programs

  • Many clients that stay longer than the initial 90 day program. Additional months include counseling, job training, credit repair, relationship counseling and a host of other strategies on living life sober, happy and healthy

  • 12 Step oriented program with christian track available

  • We work with all Courts and Probation Departments. Qualified for Alternative Sentencing Programs

  • Components of our treatment program include Relapse Prevention, Anger Management, Goal Setting, Values Clarification, Skills Development, Self-Esteem, Life Planning Skills, Relationships, Group Process, 12 Step Study Groups and more

  • Our unique program teaches the keys to living a happy, sober lifetime; not just how to get sober in the short run

  • We are within walking distance to stores, bus routes, churches, 12 step meetings and employment opportunities

  • Additional activities available in the community include: swimming, surfing, sailing, deep sea fishing, weight training, kayaking, and biking

  • The Road to Recovery

    can take many different avenues. Someone with only a few months experience with alcohol or drugs may have different needs than someone with many years of addiction. That is why we offer 30-day, 90-day and 6-month residential treatment programs. We want each client to succeed and will make recommendations that will help them reach their goals. Our programs are designed to follow the traditional 12-Step philosophy as well as social model philosophies. We are invested in supporting each client to find their path to recovery. With our diverse clinical team we are able to support our residents whether they come with dual diagnoses, cross disorders, abuse issues, or other problems. Many issues come up in early sobriety that can be difficult to handle. Our 24-hour staff knows and understands this, and is ready to help at any time of the day or night. Our goal is to help each person who enters our doors walk the road to a healthy, happy and sober life.

    South Coast's Treatment Programs

    uses the 12-Step Program coupled with social model strategies. Our counselors first help clients resolve hesitation to begin treatment. They then strengthen motivation to stop substance abuse by identifying a client's values, goals, beliefs and boundaries, and then build a plan for change that allows the client to live in conformity with their goals and values. Our counselors discuss how to cope with high-risk situations, guide clients through trial and error practice of learned strategies, modify strategies based on what is learned during practice and then develop a long-term sobriety plan for each individual client.

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