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Alcohol Rehab
What has alcoholism done to your life? Are you overwhelmed, confused, out-of-control?

It starts off slowly. Beer flows at a tail-gating party. Wine is served with dinner. Champagne flutes are raised to the newlyweds. Alcohol infiltrates the events and celebrations of life, but for the person with alcohol dependency or alcoholism, it becomes the event and celebration of life.

The recreational use of alcohol can easily spiral into alcohol abuse, alcohol dependency and alcoholism. These are all labels for the same thing – your alcohol use is creating problems in your life. You may drink to relax, escape or kill the pain but the only thing drinking will bring you is more problems and more pain. Guaranteed. If you haven’t already suffered consequences of lost relationships, work and career opportunities, health problems or involvement with the law, it’s just a matter of time. If you have, you’ve come to the right place.

Alcoholism has been defined as a disease by the American Medical Association in that it is chronic, debilitating and fatal if left untreated. Alcohol is responsible for nearly half of all automobile accidents in the United States. It is frequently a major contributor in domestic violence incidents, homicides and suicides. If you or a loved one are caught in the grip of alcoholism, don’t despair. We can help.

At South Coast Recovery, our professional staff members are dedicated to helping you get free from alcoholism and reclaim your life. The abuse of alcohol is often compounded by chemical imbalance, such as depression or bi-polar disorder. For this reason we give our clients a clinical evaluation and then tailor an individual alcohol treatment program that combines the finest medical and clinical therapy available with advanced holistic treatment. South Coast Recovery offers the most individual therapy sessions in Orange County.

We offer professional intervention assistance, state-licensed detox, specialized inpatient alcohol treatment programs and transitional living programs. South Coast Recovery provides the tools and the support necessary to make a successful journey to recovery.

We are here for you 24/7.

At South Coast Recovery, it’s about living.

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When It's Time To Go To Alcohol Rehab

Quite often the one who needs alcohol rehab the most is the one who denies the need for it. Family members and friends are often the ones who determine when someone has crossed the line and needs help. Those who have the problem frequently deny it is a problem. They have it “under control.” This is because the main symptom of alcoholism or addiction is denial.

This is important to keep in mind if you are trying to convince a loved one he or she needs help. The likely reaction is resistance. This is especially true if they are functioning alcoholics who have managed to maintain a job and household responsibilities in spite of drinking.

The classic stereotype of the alcoholic is a tattered homeless person tottering down the street with a paper bag. The real version is likely to be your neighborhood soccer mom, the attractive portrait artist who lives down the street or the cheerleader next door. Alcoholism and addiction affect people from all walks of life at all ages. The time for alcohol rehab is before things get worse.

If you or your loved one is drinking to cope with life, drinking alone or drinking to the point where you’re falling behind on responsibilities, missing opportunities or making costly mistakes due to drinking, don’t wait. Impaired judgment from drinking can lead to serious and often life-threatening decisions, such as driving while intoxicated. Get off the elevator down while there’s still time. At South Coast Recovery, our caring, professional staff members are dedicated to helping you or your loved one recover from the debilitating effects of alcohol. We offer safe, comfortable residential alcohol treatment in the beautiful harbor town of Dana Point, California, with 24 hour care and supervision. We are committed to helping you or your loved one through the emotionally difficult and physically uncomfortable transition from alcohol dependence to an alcohol-free lifestyle.

During initial alcohol treatment, depression can be a common side-effect either as a result of alcohol withdrawal or existing symptoms that have gone untreated. Our center offers clinical therapy and holistic treatments of massage, acupuncture and herbal therapies to ease the discomfort associated with withdrawal and early sobriety. We specializing in dual diagnosis, which is co-occurring disorders such as alcohol or drug addiction coupled with depression, PTSD or bi-polar disorder. Our clinical therapist, drug and alcohol counselors and skilled holistic practitioners are a few of the reasons why we are the leading alcohol rehab center in Orange County.

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Alcohol Rehab: Treating Addiction, Preventing Relapse

At South Coast Recovery, we offer specialized alcohol treatment programs tailored to each individual’s needs and goals. Each client who is admitted for alcohol treatment at South Coast Recovery will undergo a clinical evaluation by our highly qualified clinical staff to determine what, if any, medications are appropriate to assist with withdrawal symptoms, detoxification and any existing co-occurring disorders. Interwoven throughout alcohol treatment at South Coast Recovery are relapse prevention tools and techniques to handle internal or emotional triggers as well as external or environmental triggers that cause cravings for alcohol. From beginning to end, South Coast Recovery provides alcoholics and those with co-occurring disorders multiple levels of support and recovery. Please call today about our specialized alcohol treatment program available at South Coast Recovery. Intake coordinators are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

At South Coast Recovery, it’s about living.

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There is no direct answer as to why you or someone you love may have become addicted to alcohol. It’s not as simple as blaming one facet of life. Often, genetics, conditioning, old beliefs, social expectations, life experiences, peer associations, the media, and more – all have added colors to the canvas of who you are. When you enter South Coast Recovery's Alcohol Rehab for alcohol rehabilitation, we’re going to help you chisel away the layers that have built up over the years, disfiguring the original masterpiece of who you are.

Alcohol Rehab programs in Orange County can be expensive, but at South Coast Recovery's Alcoho Rehab Center we offer the same exclusive components you would find at other elite alcohol rehab centers at a fraction of the cost. South Coast Recovery is a warm, inviting place with residential homes just minutes from the upscale beach communities of Dana Point and Laguna Beach, California. We provide individual, effective and affordable drug and alcohol rehab programs that go well beyond the traditional substance abuse model. Addiction is a 3-part disease of mind, body and spirit. Our drug and alcohol rehab program at South Coast Recovery's Alcohol Rehab Center offer a multi-disciplined approach to mind body and spirit renewal. Our experience has shown that the longer you can commit to an drug or alcohol rehab program, the better chance of success you have in long-term sobriety. For long-term success in recovery, we recommend our 90 day drug or alcohol rehabilitation program. We also offer 30-day, 60-day and 6-month residential programs tailored to your specific needs and goals. At South Coast Recovery Alcohol Rehab Center, “We believe that recovering from addiction is a process of transformation in all areas of life.”

Our drug and alcohol rehab programs are based on a comprehensive social model that emphasizes learning through experience. We offer the finest clinical and medical care available with advanced holistic healing components tailored to your needs and goals. Our alcohol rehab program is about You. While genetic predisposition is a generally accepted basis for addiction, there may also be underlying causes contributing to your alcohol or drug addiction. If you need drug or alcohol rehab program, it's not a sign of weakness or poor character. Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease. Unlike diabetes, alcohol and drug addiction gets twisted up with lack of moral fiber, lack of will power, lack of character and so forth. But the American Medical Association (AMA) has recognized it as a disease. In addition to clinical and holistic care, our drug and alcohol rehab center also offers educational workshops on the disease model of addiction within a 12-step based recovery model.

An initial evaluation will determine your level of physical dependency and the possibility of dual diagnosis, the clinical term for two co-existing disorders such as depression or anxiety combined with alcohol or drug abuse. Diagnosing underlying causes that contribute to alcohol or drug abuse is necessary for successful treatment so we can address the root of the problem, not merely the symptoms. The good news is that both mood disorders and substance abuse are treatable. When both conditions are addressed, success is more likely. Through one-on-one therapy with our on-staff clinical psychologist and an assigned drug and alcohol counselor you’ll address potential issues and buried emotions that may be contributing to your alcohol or drug use. Group processing and educational workshops address the components of alcohol and drug abuse to help promote understanding, acceptance and transformation beyond addiction.

Drug and alcohol rehab isn't something to be ashamed about. It’s the first step on the road to change. It’s about giving up your old ways and learning a new, healthier way to live. We can show you how. At South Coast Recovery Alcohol Rehab Center, our drug and alcohol rehab program is dedicated to showing you how to move beyond alcohol and drug addiction and experiencing the joy and freedom that comes with sobriety. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol or drugs, our drug and alcohol rehab program at South Coast Recovery can help restore balance and purpose to your life. Pick up the phone and call us now. Professional assistance is available 24/7 to answer your questions about drug or alcohol rehab. Even if you’re not sure, just picking up the phone is a good place to start. Don’t delay. Your life is waiting.

Alcohol Abuse Needs Special Treatment

Alcoholics often have many serious physical and psychological problems that can be extremely dangerous to the alcoholic or others if not properly cared for. At our Alcohol Rehab center, we can help Alcoholics overcome their unique challenges in recovery. Our knowledgeable staff cares for these clients in a safe and structured environment.

Individual Attention & Extended Recovery

Getting sober takes courage, the right guidance, and structure. South Coast Recovery offers intervention, detox and treatment to conquer drug addiction by using alcohol rehab programs. Our world-class clinical staff offers daily individual attention to get to the heart of the problem, help to deal with the wreckage and build a framework for a new, sobriety-based life.

We offer affordable, effective alcohol rehab programs on the cutting-edge. Alcohol addiction requires specific extended and directly supervised care. We offer 30, 60 and 90-day alcohol rehab programs tailored to the individual’s needs. We, at South Coast Recovery's Alcohol Rehab center, blend clinical and holistic methods to renew mind, body and spirit while restoring relationships, goals and purpose. This prepares our clients for long-term sobriety, allowing our Alcohol Rehab program to excel where all others fail.

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Alcohol Rehab Treatment Services/Options:

  1. Alcoholism diagnosis
  2. Intervention services
  3. Medically-supervised, social model and holistic detox options
  4. Psychological evaluation for dual diagnosis of problems such as depression and anxiety, which may be underlying causes of abuse
  5. Individual psychological treatment
  6. Individual counseling
  7. Family counseling
  8. Hypnotherapy
  9. Alcoholism education
  10. Health and wellness education
  11. Denial management
  12. Relapse prevention
  13. Anger management
  14. Acupuncture for pain management, stress reduction and decreased cravings
  15. Detoxification massage therapy
  16. Meditation for stress reduction, a calmer mind, reduced cravings and clarity
  17. Fitness sessions at gym (24-Hour Fitness)
  18. Integration of 12-step principles and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings
  19. Structure, guidance and practice for long-term sobriety