Women and Alcohol Rehab

At SouthCoast Recovery, we understand that women are emotionally and physically different than men. As a woman, it’s common to put the wants and needs of others before your own. SouthCoast Recovery's alcohol rehab for women offers a safe haven for women to set down the burden of alcoholism and everyday cares. This is a place you can stop focusing on everyone else and simply focus on you. We provide gender-specific residential alcohol rehab treatment for women in the upscale beach community of Dana Point, California. Our holistic approach to wellness complements traditional clinical care within a 12-step recovery model for a complete approach to mind, body and spirit renewal.

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Individual Aspects of Alcohol Rehab Treatment for Women

Women process alcohol and drugs differently than men because their bodies have less water and more fatty tissue. This means the toxins stay in their bodies longer, putting women who abuse alcohol or drugs at a greater risk than men for substance-related health problems. It also increases the likelihood that a woman will enter an abusive relationship or be the victim of violence or sexual assault. Women also have hormonal differences that may influence or affect their metabolism of alcohol. Higher Blood Alcohol Levels (BAL) are found prior to menstruation. The effects of alcohol are markedly different for a women whether or not she's menstruating.

Statistically, women tend toward depression more than men. Studies show that women have higher suicide attempts but men are more successful. This can be attributed to the methods used. Women are more likely to take pills while men turn to more violent means, such as a hand-gun. The message of desperation is the same. At SouthCoast Recovery, we have a specialized depression program in addition to our traditional alcohol rehab program. Our clinical therapist has over 44 years addressing depression and psychological trauma that leads to self-destructive and addictive behaviors. Working together with female staff members, we provide a safe environment to process and work through emotional issues.

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Specialized Alcohol Rehab Treatment for Women

Women by definition are more influenced by the aesthetics of their environment. At SouthCoast Recovery, we offer alcohol rehab services specifically tailored to women's needs during alcohol rehab. The most important aspect is that women feel they are in a safe environment. At SouthCoast Recovery, we offer all women housing during alcohol rehab treatment. We have female counselors, staff members and residential house managers. Our clinical therapist has over 44 years addressing issues of trauma and psychological abuse. The holistic processes we offer include massage, acupuncture and meditation to help women connect with their inner essence. Each program is tailored specifically for each women's needs in meeting physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing during alcohol rehab.

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SouthCoast Recovery offers Alcohol Rehab for Women

SouthCoast Recovery offers a state-licensed alcohol rehab facility in the upscale beach community of Dana Point, California. Our highly qualified staff has over 100 years combined experience treating alcoholism and drug addiction. We have caring female staff members and counselors to address concerns specific to women in recovery. SouthCoast Recovery's alcohol rehab center incorporates an overall healing model of mind, body and spirit with individualized clinical therapy, advanced holistic healing techniques, innovative workshops and peer support so each woman can work through emotional issues in a healing, therapeutic environment. Professional assistance is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions that you may have about our alcohol rehab program for women.

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The Metabolism of Women and Alcohol Rehab

Less body water, higher fat deposits, and different digestive enzymes account for rapid elevation in blood alcohol levels among women. As a result, cirrhosis of the liver, brain damage and cancers develop at the same rates in female alcoholics compared with men who drink twice as much.

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Alcohol's Physical Effects on Women and the Need for Alcohol Rehab for Women

  • Liver Damage - Women develop alcohol-related liver disease sooner than men, even if using less of the drug. Some studies suggest estrogen may be linked to increased liver vulnerability.
  • Brain Damage - Alcoholic women show reduced brain function compared to both non-alcoholic women and alcoholic men. Again, this is in spite of less severe drinking habits.
  • Heart Disease - Frequent heavy drinking is the second-leading cause of malfunction of the heart. As with liver disease, similar rates of cardiomyopathy appear in women and men, even though lifetime consumption of alcohol among women is around 60 percent less than men.
  • Breast Cancer - The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services now classifies alcohol as a known human carcinogen, not just a catalyst. The longer you drink, the greater your risk of developing cancerous tumors throughout your body.

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How Age Affects Women in Alcohol Rehab

The majority of women who actively drink are between the ages of 26 and 34, while binge drinking is seen more often among females aged 18 to 25.

Even young people in great physical shape suffer the adverse effects of heavy drinking. Malnutrition and thiamine deficiencies are usually the first signs that something is amiss - no matter how well you eat. That's because the sulfites in alcohol break down thiamine which renders it useless for converting food into energy.

Dependence on alcohol in younger people shows the same beginning patterns of brain damage commonly documented among older alcoholics. Finally, higher rates of dementia are found among alcoholics who continue drinking as they get older.

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Alcohol Rehab for Women at SouthCoast Recovery

Women seem to be overlooked when it comes to definitive research regarding the dangers of alcohol. Alcohol treatment at SouthCoast Recovery, however, recognizes the important physiological differences between men and women, and offers personalized treatment programs that adjust for the needs of each client.

Call us at 1-866-847-4506 – professional assistance is available 24/7.

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